News: Dax J Teases Forthcoming Album, ‘Offending Public Morality’

Techno don, Dax J, releases his highly anticipated sophomore album in April. The Waveform Transmitter’s Léa Ben Saïd takes a sneak peek.

Dax J’s second album is on the way and will be released on Monnom Black in April. The London-born artist has risen considerably to the forefront of the scene, known for his powerful DJ sets, his inspired production, and his work as label boss. Because of all this, he has managed to become one of the most respected players in the game, and the announcement of his second album can only be good news.

Offending Public Morality is a concept album, which touches upon many issues that might offend non-reflective, puritanical sensibilities, such as drug abuse, racism, prostitution, and murder. Dax J uses a variety of sounds to create a special atmosphere for the album, but seems to slightly move away from the pounding techno he is usually associated with, to go back to the sounds that have influenced him, including UK jungle and drum & bass, while touching upon IDM, EBM, and acid.

From the introductory track Babylon Brutality, we understand that the Berlin-based producer is here to tell a story, undoubtedly partly inspired by the issues he has faced in Tunisia last year, but also by the eclectic aspects of the world we live in.

Offending Public Morality will be out on April 6th, 2018. You can listen to the opening track, Babylon Brutality, in full, below.

01. Babylon Brutality 
02. The Art Of Murder 
03. Looking For Tina 
04. 1001 Amen Nights 
05. Waves Of Isolation feat. Zanias 
06. Reclaim Our Lost Honor 
07. Unrepentacostal 
08. Feed The Pigeons 
09. Offending Public Morality 
10. It’s A Trap 
11. Mustapha Mond 
12. Kerb Crawling 
13. Acid Ascention 
14. Death Is Imminent


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