Review: Point Soul – Space Odissey

Point Sole hits Metro Dance records with his latest single, Space Odissey. The Waveform Transmitter’s Andy Weights lends you his ears.

Point Sole hits Metro Dance Records with his latest single, Space Odissey. The Waveform Transmitter‘s Andy Weights lends you his ears.

Released last week on Metro Dance Records and ripping up the Waveform‘s playlist is Point Sole with an intergalactic electro-charged EP; Space Odissey, featuring a remix from Norman Weber.

Straight into the tracks and Space Odissey explodes like a rocket. Hard hitting kicks and snare snaps collide with funky clap rhythms, it has a chugging bassline with superb synth stabs and rising pads that add to the mysterious atmosphere. As the title suggests this kind of epic electronica has a vast depth of sci-fi vibes. Warped female vocals are introduced over the dramatic crescendo, a fine example of space electro that will certainly please audiences universally.

The remix of Space Odissey is in the capable hands of Norman Weber, who brings the track to life with a subtle disco twist that includes a dirty arpeggiated bassline and electric piano trills that add a sense of drama. Synth bursts, percussive chirps and textured ambience dramatically re-imagine the original while keeping the melodic techno elements. A dancefloor attentive track with soundscape elements that would suit playing in the light of day.

Norman Weber is also known as one half of Luna City Express. They have been a seminal outfit with top selling releases on labels such as Matthias Tanzmann’s Moon Harbour and Ralph Lawson’s 20/20 VisionNorman has solo tracks and remixes on labels ranging from Cr2 Records to Lapsus Music, and his Nightflight remix on this EP is further evidence of his musical pedigree.

Last track is Don’t Touch the Hole, which begins with a raw and bellicose bassline that gives the track a jacking quality, pitched tom drums add to the bassline’s acid undertones. Snare rolls and clap rhythms push the track along nicely with an eerie, soulful vocal, combining to create a top track that will undoubtedly become something of a secret weapon for many DJs.

Point Sole is based in Barcelona and his tracks have been played out by Ida EngbergLoco Dice, and Paco Osuna, and other DJs of that calibre. He has had releases through Sincopat and Suara, and can be seen on releases by Constant CirclesRoushEklektisch, and UNER‘s label, Solar Distance.

Metro Dance Records is a house and techno record label created by the people behind Metro Dance Club, which is based in Alicante and has a global reputation for being one of Spain’s foremost venues for electronic music.

Space Odissey by Point Sole is out now. you can listen to the title track, below.

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