Review: Cari Lekebusch & Nima Khak – Lost Prophet

Cari Lekebusch and Nima Khak team up again for another outing, with their ‘Lost Prophet’ single. The Wavform Transmitter’s Maximilian Carton enjoys two solid cuts.

Cari Lekebusch and Nima Khak team up again for another outing, with their ‘Lost Prophet’ single. The Waveform Transmitter’s Maximilian Carton enjoys two solid cuts.

Sweden is the third biggest exporter of music globally after the US and UK, but underneath the pristine exterior of ABBA and Axwell lies a bubbling undercurrent of electronic artists who have been committed to a more hypnotic tip since 1986.

Releasing on his ephemeral label H-Productions (formerly Hybrid Productions), Cari Lekebusch is accompanied by close friend and long time collaborator Nima Khak. In keeping with the legacy of Hybrid, the label specializes in the Swedish funky cult techno sound. Each release as solid as the last. Both artists have recently featured at Berlin powerhouse Berghain, with Lekebusch playing alongside rising star Amelie Lens and Truncate in a couple of months time; a testament to his ever-evolving production and skills behind the booth.

In 1994, Lekebusch made his first European debut for the first time and has since gone on to whip crowds into a frenzy worldwide under countless alias’, such as his Mystic Letter K pseudonym, and more institutions than we can remember. A personal favourite of mine is ‘Braincell– Man Of Many Theories’ released on Harthouse Frankfurt back in 1996. Nima Khak is more a man of mystery but with equal intent. Founder of SANDKhak has an impressive record bag and the duo combine to form yet another purposeful albeit brief two track EP.

Starting as they mean to go on, Lost Prophet is straight on the railway line with an analog roller. Subtle work on reverb creates colossal tension throughout the track. The symbiotic relationship between the synth and lower end leave us entranced until the very last kick. There is no wonder the prophet is lost.

B-side Drum Conductor is equally as tough in production. The fluttering mid-high blips on the b-side offer a more flirtatious invitation into the artists’ minds. This in combination with sparse splashes of retro cowbell and snares save us from the underlying grumble, what I can only express as sounding like a distant creature tempting us into the wrathful, third terrace. Solid warm up track.

Lost Prophet was released both digitally and on wax, earlier this week, 15th January 2018. You can buy a copy, here.

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