Review: Afriqua – Aleph EP

Afriqua dropped his EP, Aleph, on the esteemed R&S Records imprint at the back end of 2018. The Waveform Transmitter‘s Andy Weights takes stock of four tracks from the diverse artist, whose sound is constantly evolving.

Swaying across the universe comes a cosmic occurrence from Afriqua, with his highly anticipated debut EP ‘Aleph’ on R&S records.

Brilliantly merging instrumental tact with a mystic twist, these tracks are inspired by theoretical and imaginative expressions that allows us to mull over the limits of the galaxy.

EP opener ‘Aleph’ begins with a big, flat kick in the face and a relentless swing, a chilled-out Fender Rhodes piano twinkles aside an infectious bass line that stirs and circles throughout. The track is a relaxed cosmic groove that sits nicely with atmospheric pads adding some interesting aspects. An intricate design of percussion, bleeps, blips and detuned keys keep the epic track alive and stimulating.

Track two is a subtler, glitchy message from the Berlin-based artist who, having studied piano at the Interlochen Arts Academy, applies the Rhodes piano chords again with a sequence of dissonant mechanical warbles that lead to an uplifting resolution.

Side B track ‘Opferator’ is layered with a hypnotic, restrained half time pulse that is permeated with warm synth blasts with bold percussive hits, a textured and delicate track.

Last but not least, the upbeat tempo and bassline of ‘Thanksgiving’ shows us the way back to the dancefloor as the mysterious sounds become more focused with a fucking brilliant arpeggiated bassline that sits and squirms through a constant barrage of filter sweeps and piano chords.

Informed equally by the minimal, unrefined hip-hop of the early 2000s and the thematic exploration of 20th century composition, his work has continually increased in its scope.

Afriqua, AKA Adam Longman Parker, has a musicality and flair for performance that translates to dynamic DJ sets that have captivated dancefloors worldwide.

This is the first extended collaboration between Afriqua and the respected Belgium-based label R&S records, with the relationship sure to bring exciting electronic music for years to come including a debut album on the cards.

Available now on vinyl and download on R&S Records is Afriqua with the impressive cosmic debut EP Aleph.


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