Review: Lady Starlight – Which One of Us Is Me?

With her music career reaching stellar heights, Lady Starlight releases her latest EP, ‘Which One of Us Is Me?, on Len Faki’s Figure Records. The Waveform Transmitter’s Paddy Hooley takes on four killer techno tracks.

Having established a seismic reputation within the techno scene as Lady Starlight, Colleen Martin has been decimating the dance floors of seminal clubs such as Berghain, Fabric, Gashouder and Output in Brooklyn. The US born, Berlin-based artist has collaborated with likes of Truss and Surgeon with her ruthless modular live sets and last year released her debut EP, Untitled, on Stroboscopic Artefacts.

Starlight’s latest release, ‘Which One of Us Is Me?’ immortalises four cuts of hardlined analogue exploration to Len Faki’s futuristic techno imprint Figure. The first track You defines the direction, launching proceedings into a relentless kick drum, as a hypnotic arpeggio orbits the sub frequencies, repelling and attracting into foreground amidst flashes of metallic hats.

The EP travels through phases, each track experimenting with different textures and forms of modulation. Martin works within confinements of repetition, focusing on subtle evolutions within timeless moments of future Berlin dancefloors. Aggressive but mesmerizingly consistent kick drums provide a constant marching beat slicing through dissociative polyrhythms. B1 Them, features a segmented and stuttering rave stab that constantly changes envelope length leaving only your mind to fill the gaps like the darkness dividing a strobe-lit room.

‘Which One of Us Is Me?’ is an exciting and refined vision from Lady Starlight. The EP harnesses raw analogue sound design, transmitting energy through hard hitting percussion patterns and providing another channel of creativity to Figure Music’s impressive roster.

Lady Starlight – Which One of Us Is Me? is available now from all good retailers.


A1 – You

A2 – Me

B1 – Them

B2 – Us


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