Review: Various Artists – PAL 1

Pear take a break from events to launch their ‘Pal Vol.1′ EP. The Waveform Transmitter’s Simon Huxtable investigates some new competition on the scene.

Pear are an Irish events team based in Dublin and ‘PAL volume 1’ marks their first foray into the music retail world. Casting their net far and wide, they’re releasing six tracks which showcase the sound which has provided them much success – Deep House

In opening their account with the Detroit-meets-90s-UK-House opus, ‘Daylight Blur’ by Sage, they set their stall out under no false pretenses. It’s a brilliant piece of deeply emotive, vibe-fuelled house music. Following that, the machine funk of D.Tiffany and regularfantsy’s Plush Throw project. ‘Plushwhosback’ is a bleepy microhouse extravaganza!

Chmmr remixes his own track ‘User’ taking the classic piano house of old and turning it into a weird cousin of the kind of Scandi disco made famous by the likes of Prins Thomas and Lindstrøm about ten years ago. Approach with caution, it’s catchier than a dose of the clap in a whore house! 

On the flipside – yep, those cheeky monkeys have pressed this to wax and have a Bandcamp page to shift them too – is Belfast’s Brién with a fascinatingly wonky Rhodes-led J Dilla-meets-NileRodgers jam called ‘Convertable Woman’, a dreamy minimal reworking of Noah Skelaton’s Looped Reflections by Laughing Boy and the pop sensibilities of slo-mo nu disco swagger of closer, delish89 (I’m Right) by Vancouver-based artist, Candles.

As a label head myself, and moreover, a music fan, this EP has been a revelation both in musical direction and in grabbing the modern business world by the balls. Six classy tracks and not a cookie cutter in sight!


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