Review: Yotam Avni – Perlude to Dybbuk

Yotam Avni hits Lucy’s Stoboscopic Artefacts label with his latest EP, ‘Perlude to Dybbuk’. The Waveform Transmitter‘s Paul McGuinness gets to grips with 3 tracks filled with eastern promise.

Tel-Aviv ‘s own Yotam Avni officially joined forces with Stroboscopic Artefacts just last year, resulting in a sensational and energetic release for the Monad series. With his personalized sound creation and signature sound, Avni was making a clear statement of intent on delivering even more quality to the label ,and hes proved this with “Perlude to Dybbuk,” the second release on S.A.which also features the Oblique Artefact.

The release ‘Perlude to Dybbuk’ makes a huge statement about Avni‘s Hebrew background and follows his unique, spiritual journey growing up as an artist and DJ in these surroundings. Despite still being a producer very much in his youth, his talent is never questioned, having already worked with such artists such as Osunlade, Derrick May, Jovonn, Shlomi Aber, Terrence Parker and more. As a club owner (Resek) and promoter, he is responsible for AVADON, lauded as Tel Aviv’s leading Techno night for the past 3 Years’ by Electronic Beats Magazine.

We open up with ‘Avka’ (New Life) and its drone-like textures, sliding hi-hats and dulcet tones suggesting music of a previous era. Avka sounds like a perfect set opener to me, then rolls right into a techno-fuelled groove with a distinct Mediterranean feel.

‘Dybbuk’ exemplifies the notion that there is no rest for the wicked (I like using already coined phrases…sue me) coming at you like a military gabba-techno machine. This is literally drilling holes into your speakers and listening commodities (you’ve been warned). The track continues into a strange (but, paradoxically, also makes total sense) cross-section of beats and patterns ending in a punked-out vibe.

‘Modern Matters’ brings the release to a close, with the gentlest of the three tracks so far and almost powering down from the original relentless pace. This definitely has a lot more of a tribal and spiritual feel to it, complete with big brash percussive elements and vocal chants riding on top of a tight drum work out.

Yotam Avni – Perlude to Dybbuk is available now from all good retailers. In the meantime, check out Modern Matters, below.


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