Secret Weapons Vol. 13 – Dew Town Mayor

Having relaunched back in 2017, the legendary Micronautics label welcomed electronic music producer, Dew Town Mayor, for their third release on the imprint, ‘Erosion’. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight welcomes DTM for the latest installment of Secret Weapons.

Having relaunched back in 2017, the legendary Micronautics label welcomed electronic music producer, Dew Town Mayor, for their third release on the imprint, ‘Érosion’. The Waveform Transmitter‘s Ste Knight welcomes DTM for the latest installment of Secret Weapons.

Signing Dew Town Mayor, AKA French artist Thomas Regnault, to Micronautics has unearthed a potential goldmine of auditory manna for label head, Christophe Monier, and fans of the imprint. Particularly if his recent release on the label, Érosion EP is anything to go by.

The French electronic composer certainly knows how to push the sound envelope, as it where, with his productions, adopting a more experimental oeuvre than his contemporaries. This is illustrated by the aforementioned Érosion EP, as the three tracks contained therein represent three completely separate styles of electronic music.

What we have, with Dew Town Mayor, is an artist who is just as happy producing glitched-out bass music as he is throwing down a straight up techno track. His diversity speaks volumes for his skills both in and out of the studio.

The opening track, which gives the EP its title, channels the sounds of Chicago house perfecter, Green Velvet, yet layers it with a French twist thanks to the spoken elements provided, in this instance, by Noël Rasendrason. Certainly a track for the more discerning dancefloor. The breakdown two-thirds into the track lowers the pace to a slo-mo house chug, before claps bring us right back up to full pelt and dancefloor devastation. Sterling work.

Nord Stream has an organic, tribal feel to it to begin with, which soon gives way to some playful square wave manipulation and seems to almost flirt with a combination of chiptune and trap, such is the nature of the beat programming and the synth that runs throughout, heavily treated with various effects. We are witness to an epic portamento 80’s-neon-synth breakdown at the mid point of the track (which, for some reason, synesthetically conjured the They Live VHS cover before my very eyes…), before it reaches a crescendo and plays us out with softly layered textures.

The final track on the EP, Classe Agosta, retains some of the retro-futuristic sensibilities of the previous track, pulling us into the mix with a flurry of computerised blips and whirrs. A throbbing, low-slung siren is ushered in as the bassline, at which point gritty synth lines are layered over a wonderful series of arpeggiations that bring the track to life. This is French electro at its finest.

Thankfully for us, DTM has spiked us with military grade LSD and is firing bass cannons right in our direction. Check out Dew Town Mayor‘s Secret Weapons playlist, below.

RITUELClub Zanzibar

Let’s start with the perfect opening track, for big crowds as well as bar parties. Dreamy/experimental intro followed by a massive groove and ecstatic vocals.


Also a great opening track, in a more bass/trap vibe.

MARTIN IKINWhat You’ve Done

A dancefloor-smasher from Martin Skin. Deep, full of bass, straight-forward and sophisticated at the same time. Perfect?

DEADBOY– U Cheated

Bass music from space. Deep and brutal.

CRAZY PNever Gonna Reach Me (Hot Toddy Mix)

Huge classic. Can be used to speed up a warm up or even maintain a climax depending on the party and how you play it. Just Huge.

JOKER Feat. JESSIE WAREThe Vision (Let Me Breathe)

Ecstasy in all aspects. Massive track from Joker with a then barely known Jessie Ware. Hands in the air!

JOHN TEJADAUnstable Condition

There’s something special about this one, something that gets to your head. One time I was djing at a big house party and the people just couldn’t get enough of it, they asked for it again and again, I ended up playing it like 10 times.

MAETRIKGlob Monster

A hidden gem in Maetrik’s profuse discography. Guaranteed to get everybody moving and grooving.

LANDO KALInquisition

This is for when the party becomes random and sweaty.

RED AXESSabor feat. Abrao

The perfect ending track. Dawn, open air dancefloor, pink sunlight, you get the idea.

So, there we have it, ten monumental tracks from Dew Town Mayor. Keep your eyes peeled on our playlists archive for new Secret Weapons caches as they drop in.

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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