Review: Laval – TWSR

French techno duo, Laval, have teamed up to bring us their EP, ‘TWSR’The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight reflects on four techno cuts that are set apart from the ‘paint by numbers’ techno we’re seeing of late.

The French production duo, Laval – AKA Skryptöm Records’ Electric Rescue and Kmyle – have collaborated to inject the techno scene with the verisimilitude that we at The Waveform Transmitter think it needs. Giving your work depth and the freedom to tell its own story, makes the vibrations that your brain tells your are sound, feel all the more real. They are bestowed a tangible quality that is absent in some of the more throwaway techno that seems to be flooding the scene. This isn’t just sound for the sake of sound, this is sound with a purpose. This is sound opening a discourse with its listener.

The mise en scéne that manifests, in the arrangement of Laval‘s sound, is in perfect keeping with some classic techno tropes. We are swept away briefly to alternate realms thanks to the unforgiving, industrial percussion of the title track. The tribal, pipe-like synth of ‘Purple Reed’ takes us down a more primal path.

‘Heart of the Sea’ plunges us deep into Poseidon’s territory, where fierce sub-aquatic battles rage against a backdrop of whale-calls. The final track sees us rolling through Arctic tundra, as flashes of aurora borealis flood the dark backdrop. It is this ability to create a narrative, with techno as the medium, that sets Laval – either as separate entities, or as this enigmatic pairing – apart from their peers.

Having tested eachother’s mettle with ‘Spitshine’, previously also released on Stockholm LTD, the label have made an astute move in signing this latest release from the pair.

Electric Rescue and Kmyle‘s solo productions offer an insight into why they work so well as a team. Kmyle‘s recent exercise in a more experimental techno sound, on his album ‘Northern Landscapes, has lent itself well to this latest pairing. Obviously having the man in charge at Skryptöm RecordsElectric Rescue on board is going to add a gold touch to the productions too. The EP represents an excellent hybridisation of the individual sounds produced by each artist.

With so many strong releases coming out of the Stockholm LTD stable right now, we are looking forward to what the rest of 2018 brings in terms of releases from the label. Likewise, Electric Rescue and Kmyle have made the right decision to work together on their Laval side-project. We’re excited to see what they come up with next.

In the meantime, we’ll take a listen to the brilliant ‘Heart of the Sea’, below.


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