Review: Afro Brotherz – Tick Tock (EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE)

Afro Brotherz are back at Afrocentric with two tasty afrobeat cuts, backed up with a pair of quality remixes. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight takes a listen to their latest single, Tick Tock.

For those not familiar with Afro Brotherz, they consist of South African duo, DJ Click DrumSoul and DJ Mohamed. The pair are childhood friends, having grown up in Mpumalanga, in the east of South Africa.

It is plain to see that their home has provided Afro Brotherz with much inspiration for their brand of dreamy Afro House. Mpumalanga is a stunning mountainous area which is rich in both scenery and the wildlife that inhabits it. This inspiration shines through on their blissful production, Tick Tock. The elements of the track evoke rich synaesthetics; the playful flute, for example, conjures South Africa’s native Widowbird as it swoops gracefully across fields.

Beautiful African percussion complements the woodwind perfectly, as a lilting bassline gives the track a significant ‘sunset’ vibe. The flute suddenly takes on a swallow or swift-like quality, as the track welcomes in the South African night; the closing string swells offering the ideal lullaby, and claves ushering in the crickets that make their presence known as darkness descends.

Tick Tock is backed up by two remixes, one by percussionist Silvano Del Gado and the second by Afrocentric‘s Cory Centric. The former takes the original and beefs it up into a full on tribal affair, with a pulsating bassline sure to send any dancefloor through the roof. Cory Centric‘s remix offers a more percussion-heavy version of the original, playing a more chilled card than Del Gado.

The final track on the release is Home of Africans. String pads feature heavily again, although this time they add a slightly more melancholic tone to proceedings. This works with the Rhodes-esque stabs that punctuate the mix, although they are in contrast to the uplifting nature of the vocal snippet that calls to us throughout the track.

Perhaps if Tick Tock signals twilight, then Home of Africans signals dawn. The scenery it creates certainly comes to life as the track progresses and we are treated to a glorious sunrise as the arrangement reaches its crescendo. This is a great example of Afro House and The Waveform Transmitter looks forward to further releases from the pair.

Afro Brotherz – Tick Tock EP will be released on February 2nd, via Afrocentric Records. We have an exclusive premiere of Home of Africans for you to listen to. Check it out, below.


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