Secret Weapons Vol.14 – Seph & Mekas

Argentinian duo Seph and Mekas run the up-and-coming Aula Magna imprint and weigh in with this week’s Secret Weapons Playlist. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight checks out what firearms they keep locked away in their record box.

Argentina has long made a healthy contribution to the underground electronic music scene, and Seph and Mekas of Buenos Aires imprint Aula Magna are no exception to the rule. Their label has been causing quite the stir, picking up attention from the likes of Cosmin TRG who, indeed, produced a remix for Seph‘s June 2017 release, ROM. This was quickly followed up by a Pär Grindvik rework on Mekas‘ Atmen in November.

Fans of Ilian Tape will enjoy the atmospheric style of techno that comes out of the Aula Magna camp. Progressive in nature at times, dubby in others, the releases (both their own, as well as the likes of Tomas Rubek and QIK) illustrate the keen eye that the two have both in terms of their own productions and in hunting down those of others.

Argentina, as mentioned, has placed some great artists in our laps, including Hernan Cattaneo, as well as some vibrant emerging acts such as Zuleyka, who herself hails from Buenos Aires, the likes of whom Aula Magna would do well to snap up quickly! 

Given that Seph and Mekas are obviously keen musicologists it seems only fair that they give us a sneak peek at their Secret Weapons playlist. Get in your bunkers, listeners, as the pair rain heavy sonic mortars down on you from above.


FunctionVariance 4 (Regis Edit)Sandwell District

I absolutely love this track, never get tired of the synths and break beat, one of the first Sandwell District stuff I dug into, and still one of my favorites. Perfect track to close a set.

James Ruskin & Mark BroomThe Future That WasBlueprint

The tension of the pads and their relation to the percussive synths makes a great tune. Perfect track to take a breath and start again.

Inigo KennedyArcingToken

This track has a huge kick drum, great melody and emotion. I’m a big fan of Inigo´s music, a perfect mix of Techno and IDM.

MekasAtmen (Pär Grindvik rework)Aula Magna Records

Pär‘s remix of my track Atmen is present in my sets now, he took the ambient elements of the original and reworked them into a club version, so refreshing to me. I’m honored that the track is on Aula Magna Records.

DeveloperRuthless CharmModularz

A dissonant, deep and emotional track from Developer, one of his best tracks. it reminds me of Boards Of Canada but in a club version.


StennyEternal Restriction – Ilian Tape

It’s dirty, it’s mental, it’s massive, it’s subtle, it’s deep. Love it!

Basic ChannelOctagon – Basic Channel

I think this is the first dub techno track I heard in my life and it completely changed my vision on electronic music. There’s something extremely addictive in the way it’s evolving percussive synth melts with the dub chords and everything else in-between. I learnt from this how techno can be mentally explosive in a cool body-swinging and hypnotic fashion.

Mathew JonsonTyperope – Itiswhatitis Recordings

Simply irresistible in my opinion. Back in 2003/04, it made a huge impact on me when I first heard it and I keep coming back to it. Futuristic techno but full of funk.

Cosmin TRGIzolat – 50 Weapons

A fantastic cut by Cosmin TRG. The way the main synth line grooves and modulates is outstanding. Rolls on a super beat also. Every time I hear it on a dance floor, the crowd goes wild.

TesselaNancy’s Pantry – R&S Records

I’m a big sucker for this kind of music. It’s distorted rhythm and clever arrangement make it a superb, insane track.



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