Review: Blutch. Last Dance with Loléa EP

Straight from the hip hop, house influenced vaults comes Last Dance with Loléa E.P by Blutch, featuring a remix by Red Rack ’em. The Waveform Transmitter‘s Andy Weights slaps his lotion on, puts it through the speakers and finds a fresh-sounding, fun in the sun scorcher.

Out now, on the label barbecue  is the Last Dance with Loléa EP by Blutch, a dope electronic, hip-hop, soul infused, house raid on the senses.

Blutch mixes abstract hip-hop and house, here he has created three new tracks that draw from a diverse range of genres, smashing them together with flashes of groove and intense heat.

Borrowing from Pépé Bradock, Francis Inferno Orchestra, Cuthead, Andrés, Shigeto and Massive Attack, the style is unique and the approach is freaky cool, perfect for those summer parties and festival feel good times.

A side opener, Dropin’ a chrome, is packed with hip-hop vocal samples, a drifting trumpet and searing strings that meander through golden moments of grand piano chords and uplifting, undulating synths. I can see terraces bouncing to this track throughout the summer months, a lovely, laid back banger.

Ezra Was Not Right is a full on, synth driven, house incursion that bobs, slides and arpeggiates its way along on the ocean of distinct rhythms and frequencies. The hi-hat led beat is exciting throughout, throw in reverb laden breakdowns with killer drops and you get an interesting second Aside track.

B sider, Last Dance gets its house swing on immediately, armed with an old school vocal flashes and an infectious sample loop that sits on top of holding strings and a nifty pad arrangement, filtered bass patches quicken the pulse with enough drops and releases to raise the roof a few times.

Taking control of the final track on the EP is Red Rack’Em with the Dropin’ a Chrome remix, here we see the author of the hit, WonKy Bassline Disco Banger, reimagine the track in his own style, with a harder, faster version that takes the original out of the sun and onto the laser-lit, dark dancefloors.

Forging a unique, musical identity throughout his career Blutch’s style is mind-blowing and striking, as can be heard on the Equilibrium and [r]equilibrium releases, alongside the Gratis and L’ile Ep which has a track remixed by the living legend from Detroit, Terrence Parker– great sounding records!

Keep your eyes out for Blutch Last Dance with Loléa. Put out by Barbeque, Physical 12” vinyl is available now, with digital downloads available on February 16th.


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