Review: Cabasa – Aquaris Monopole EP

Cabasa heads to No Suit Records for three diverse tracks with boots in both the techno and breakbeat camps. The Waveform Transmitter‘s Paul McGuinness takes a listen to the Belgian producer’s ‘Aquaris Monopole Ep’.

Sometimes the scene is need of a fresh jolt of energy (and a good stern kick up the arse) and this comes in the shape and form of Cabasa and his new ‘Aquaris Monopole Ep’. His father, Lium, was a Belgian new-beat DJ back in the late 80’s and his son Cabasa, is very much “a chip off the old block” as we Brits eloquently say! He draws his musical roots from the dark sonics of jungle and electronica, to his now native Berlin techno sound.

‘KMD1’ is a nightmarish opener, imagine if you could bottle many anxious thoughts and pour them into a cup, that is how this would sound! With its dream-like state creating a constant, electronic push, winding into your head-stream, it’s on the very forefront of cutting edge electronica.

Track two, ‘Intentional Drowning’ (don’t worry no cats where harmed in the process), is another slice of dark, deeply textured ambient movements, complete with skipping hats, underwater filters, and sub-bass cuts,  all riding on top of crispy breakbeats (very much sounding like Underground Sound of London’ and the outstanding ‘Accelerator’ album from the mid 90s).
Finally ‘Aquarius Monopole’ brings us back to more of a techno-influenced sound, that is very much headed towards that smoked out warehouse dancefloor (the kind of which that are explained in graphic detail in almost every documentary about Tresor). Its heavy stabs and percussive rolls would get any peak time crowd moving in a march like fashion.
Cabasa – Aquaris Monopole EP is available now from all good vinyl retailers. Be quick, though, as the vinyl is limited to 297 copies! In the meantime, take a listen to the hypnotic title track, below.

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