Review: Big Miz – Build/Destroy

Big Miz is back with a rake of classic house cuts coming via the Dixon Avenue Basement Jams imprint. The Waveform Transmitter‘s Paul McGuinness gets to grips with the Huddersfield producer’s latest album, ‘Build/Destroy’.

Dixon Avenue Basement Jams is Glasgow’s disco-fuelled, tech-jacking house label and features local producer Big Miz. Known locally as Miz, he is the co-promoter and resident DJ at longstanding Glasgow club-night/crew Offbeat, with his Detroit and Chicago influences and hunky chunky grooves.

This nine-track funky outing is a tribute to his roots, ranging from the aforementioned Chicago to Detroit, to the vibrant groove-cutting producers of the past like DJ Q. Miz was born and raised in Huddersfield but massively bought into the Scottish house and techno community releasing on labels like Filter.

We start with “Straight Through” and it’s very clear that Miz is on a mission to bring back the funk into the house sound, and all power to him – this is beautifully mixed and arranged, with clever use of samples to emphasise the groove. Having myself been weaned on this filtered house vibe back in the day I’m full of appreciation.

“Our House” unleashes more of a tougher New York vibe, making full use of the infamous sample “In the beginning there was jack” smothered in delightful piano rolls and twinkly tones on top of 4×4 beats, and funky sub bass.

Big Miz continues to show us his funky range with tracks like “Hammond Groove” and “The Hadal Zone”, which is a quirky little groover full of surprises and melancholic flavours, added to a kooky lead sequence – lovely stuff (going straight into my set list this one)! The lead is cleverly overridden with a jacked out clapathon (who doesn’t like that!).

“Exchange with An Alien” moves into some strange housing business again, catching my ear (mainly because I love Theremins and any alien sounding landscapes of the B movie class). Acidic stabs and chords are moved and shaped nicely around the track. “Hight Heavens is a 303/909 ensemble, dedicated to the older and rawer sounds of our beloved house music complete with the bells and whistles and undetonated TB sounding bass.

“Call Da Cops”, “The Great Beast” and “Gear Tension” are all singing from the same hymn sheet, bringing that old Joey Betlram “Brooklyn” machine-like attack on the early techno sound, with heavy weighted beats, sinister leads, and evolving bass just giving you enough to remember how powerful this thing, we call dance music, is.

Big Miz – Build/Destroy is available to buy now from all good retailers. You can listen to a preview of the album, below.


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