Review: DJ Lily – BROR05

DJ Lily is back again on BROR Records with another three tracks, mixing leftfield techno with two tool tracks for the DJs. The Waveform Transmitter’s Léa Ben Saïd takes a listen to BROR05.

BROR05 is the second EP by DJ Lily. The mysterious Swedish producer, about whom we know very little, showcases his talents in different ways since his first release. Still very much anchored in techno, the A-side and the B-side are very different, explaining why the tracks are split this way. The three-track EP is a dark and atmospheric trip across DJ Lily’s style, for our utmost pleasure.

The record starts with ‘Kärlek’, and DJ Lily eases us in. The song is more emotional than the producer’s previous work, with Camilla whispering on top of the drums. Those are still fairly heavy, getting faster throughout the song, but also going completely silent at certain points. I think this is probably the most interesting track of the EP, with a style different to what DJ Lily has gotten us used to, which one should take the time to explore a bit more.

On the B-side, Lily lays down two focused techno tracks. The first one, Forward’, is playful and hard hitting. A bit heavier than the A-side, there is a nice echo effect all along the song. DJ Lily combines synth-lines and a heavy persistent beat. This results in an efficient and hypnotic track, albeit slightly lacking originality.

The final track of the EP, ‘Backward’, is quite similar to ‘Forward’. With a similar speed and the same hypnotic feel, undoubtedly due to the repetitive melodic pattern, I find it more heavy than the previous track, but also more club-orientated. DJ Lily provided again a track that can work pretty much anywhere, just like ‘Forward’, while Kärlek is the most interesting track on this release.

‘BROR05’ can be purchased on Lobster Records here, but in the meantime take a listen to the release, below.


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