Review: Simon Haydo – The Illusion Of An Alternative Choice

Simon Haydo releases his brilliantly ambitious debut album, The Illusion of an Alternative Choice’ via the Peder Mannefelt Produktion imprint. The Waveform Transmitter‘s Maximilian Carton takes a listen.

Lebanon born/ Stockholm based Simon Haydo has built up an impressive back catalogue in a short period of time. Having already released on his personal project, DEM label, a collaboration with Peder Mannefelt on Shifted’s AvianAxel Boman’s Studio Barnhus and a solo track on Innervisions’ Secret Weapons series, his profound approach to synthesis has landed himself in the mix with electronic music’s finest exports. As well as releasing on Balans and Stockholm LTD, he has been immersing himself in Berlin’s microcosmic Renate (Salon Zur Wilden Renate) growing with the club, amassing more appearances as time goes on.

Simon Haydo presents his debut album “The Illusion Of An Alternative Choice” on Swedish machine lover Peder Mannerfelt’s self titled imprint Peder Mannefelt Produktion. After his stomping Contortions featuring Tripeo on the A-side, Haydo takes a more crafty approach to the album.

All ten tracks were made using only a Korg MS-20, but there’s something about his approach to exploring the semi-modular synthesiser’s construction which take us off the beaten track. From grainy sub-textures carved from under the Earth’s crust to interstellar harmonies, we are swept away on a minimalist analog adventure.

Not For You? sets us in a game of auditory hide and seek, calculating rave chords chase down the progressively distressed drums throughout the track. Simple but effective use of filters leave us feeling uneasy but also somewhat pleasantly cocooned.

Heavy analog tinted drums, monumental synth lines and anchored metallic hi-hats provide a colossal foundation on Mount S.H. We are under the impression that Haydo’s machine is carving it’s way deep inside the big blue marble.

From the pulsating L.L. Oddity to the unnerving alarm of ph<7, Simon Haydo has proved that in a world with access to hundreds of free software plugins and instruments, there is no replacement for ingenuity and mastering one piece of equipment. Bravo, Sir.

The Illusion Of An Alternative Choice was released earlier this week both digitally & on wax (limited to 300 copies). Grab it here.


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