On the Radar: Christian Bonori

Christian Bonori hits Bush Records after a 12-month hiatus, with his latest EP. The Waveform Transmitter’s Jack Threlfall takes a breaks down the Italian producer’s ‘Molecular Structures’.

After a year of silence, Italian DJ and producer Christian Bonori is charging forward with an exemplary release on Bush Records titled ‘Molecular Structures’. With full support from Carl Cox via his Essential Mix, this record will be ringing around the dancefloor for months to come.

The ‘Molecular Structures’ alluded to in the release’s title give you all you need to know about the sonic exploration of Christian Bonori. With intersecting synth patterns, incisive drum patterns and a mosaic use of chord stabs, this EP is a deeply energetic skirmish into “lose-yourself” techno.

‘Gaseous State’ is a track of interstellar proportions. The inherent syncopation that cuts through the entire track imbues the floating pad sounds with the energy of a neutron star. The regimented drum patterns instil a controlled freneticism to the overall composition, and leave the listener lost in a worm hole of electronic delight.

‘Ison’ maintains the celestial theme with a ruminating kick drum that forges a flight path into the very fabric of space time. The tom drum bassline echoes beneath sweeping filter waves and resonant shrieks, whilst atonal drones wrinkle in the background.

By contrast, ‘Lulin’ begins with a sparse arrangement of growling basslines and astral synth projections laden in reverb. The track soon becomes a cacophony of bio-organic sound and ethereal atmospherics, all of which contribute to a powerful and complete production.

The spritely sequences of ‘Melting Water’ initiate the listener into tense anticipation. Liquid electronic vistas soar across the soundscape, melt into nothingness and then reprise as refined and powerful ethereal arrangements; it is clear that Bonori takes great care to craft dizzying narrative trajectories in his productions.

Solid State’ is viscous experiment in sound. Systematic percussion gives the track a mechanical skeleton, whilst the complex organic nature of the lead elements envelop the listener in a universe of otherworldly sound.

‘Molecular Structures’ is a release of high energy, complex sound design and mature arrangement. Bonori’s return to the production fold is entirely welcome!

Christian Bonori ‘Molecular Structures’ was released digitally on February 9th. Check out an excerpt from ‘Melting Water’, below.


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