Review: CutOff!CutOff! – Décollage

RSNTR Rec. launch themselves into our conscious, with the release of their debut release, with CutOff!CutOff! in the driving seat. The Waveform Transmitter’s Niall Johnston takes a listen to Décollage. 

Décollage is the inaugural release from a new, forward looking label aiming to allow artists uncompromised expression in their musical endeavours. Providing a platform for generally non-conventional artists, the label will mainly explore the outer, darker fringes of the techno and electronica genre.  The label is RSNTR Rec. and its founder, the artist known as CutOff!CutOff! is behind its first release.

The Berlin-based artist has made his way into the scene over the past few years with a string of tracks and EP’s on underground labels such as Spontaneous Rhythm (UK),  Exposure Music (France) and most recently TOYS Berlin (Germany). The latter release, Shifted (TOYS002) from May 2017 marked a step change in CutOff!CutOff!’s sound towards a more menacing and eerier beast with strong ties to the leftfield.

This release harnesses a sound that combines diverse mutations of extra-terrestrial synth sounds combined with off-kilter drum patterns, producing strong feelings of menace. CutOff!CutOff! is a modular synth aficionado, something which shines through particularly clearly in New Realism and title track Décollage.

In Décollage, glitchy synths bubble and fizz around a richly textured foundation of jarring bass. Beat-less breakdowns unwittingly lead us further into the heart of the cybernetic beast before the weighty beat returns to remind us of our surroundings.

New Realism is another highly textured and complex construction of leftfield electronica. The synth line is given more freedom here to naturally distort and travel, making use of the complexity that modularity can bring. Strongly distorted percussion skirts just above a low-end of weighty proportions.

The low-end of final track Recursion is similarly prominent as in the previous but this time is of a frankly seismic proportion. Polyrhythmic patterns move uneasily through the capacious soundscape created by a bass structure which provides its impact as much by what is not there than what is.

Here at The Waveform Transmitter we do have a bit of a thing for modular synth enthusiasts, as we respect their ingenuity, patience and the unimaginable noises they bring to our ears.

That means that when an artist like CutOff!CutOff!  comes along we  are bound to like them. However the music presented here is objectively interesting and forward thinking. It is also very well executed for an artist who has not been releasing for many years. We look forward to more from CutOff!CutOff!’s venture into the stranger ends of the techno/electronica genre.

CutOff!CutOff! –  Décollage is released on RSNTR Rec on the 22nd of February and is available both digitally and on vinyl.

Get a taster here with the weighty New Realism…


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