Review: Matuss – Absence Seizure 009

The Waveform Transmitter’s Dave Coates gets to grips with some stripped-back, minimal electronic music, as he reviews Matuss’ latest EP, Absence Seizure 009.

Ukrainian-born New York-based DJ, Matuss, is an accomplished producer, with her work featuring on labels such as NOS Music, Monophonic Records as well as collaborative work with Topspin on Automatica and Omnis. Absence Seizure is a collaborative imprint, manned equally between Matuss and Abe Duque, to deliver deep, soulful techno. The latest Absence Seizure 009 EP consist of three tracks and first up is Whistler.

Whistler starts of with a nice, deep, 808 electro feel to it, building with with some heavy-sounding toms to drive the Whistler along. The magic of this track is its simplicity and things kick off on the breakdown with a sub-bass that would blow the woofers of any decent sound system, and some intricate percussion that take things to another level. There’s also a nice ambient texture that sits nicely in the background, creates a fluid feel throughout Whistler.

Next up is Stranger Things, which starts things off with a nice, psychedelic modular synth-feel to it, layered with delays and reverbs. Proceedings pick up in Stranger Things with the introduction of a heavy 4/4 kick drum and a droning Rhodes-esque pad, creating a nice eerie feel. As with the Whistler it’s Stranger Things‘ simplicity that creates the magic, alongside some cybernetic chirrups and chirps, to create a wonderful stripped-down, soulful techno track.

The final track is the brilliantly-named Zoya The Destroyer, which starts off with a cavernous 808 drum pattern, featuring resonating toms that push the track along while in the background modular samples chatter away. Zoya The Destroyer has a similar feel to the productions of Claude Zon Stroke, but in a more minimal way about them. The track is one that would work well at 3 am, in the main room at Fabric, with its big drums and stripped down minimal vibe.

All in all this is a fantastic EP, full of energy, original ideas, and would work well on any educated dance floor – a definite must-have.


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