Event Review: Steve Rachmad VS STERAC, tRiBe, Hangar 34, Liverpool

The Waveform Transmitter’s Amber Howard headed down to tRiBe’s second birthday shindig, as techno legend Steve Rachmad was joined behind the wheels by residents for an insane celebration.

The Waveform Transmitter’s Amber Howard headed down to tRiBe’s second birthday shindig, as techno legend Steve Rachmad was joined behind the wheels by residents for an insane celebration.

The dust has finally settled after what can only be described as a wild one! The tRiBe team didn’t let us down on their most recent gathering on Friday, 16th February. Natives, of new and old from across the North-West descended on Hangar 34, to see the master and all-round legend, Steve Rachmad. The party consisted of uncompromised techno and native energy, from start to finish.

Hangar 34 is one of Liverpool’s utmost exciting venues, from the high calibre lighting-rigs to the mind-blowing sound system which contests with some of the best in the industry. Thanks to the above, tRiBe’s natives were pumped from the word go. Not to mention the LED visual light-wall, which was manned by the incredibly impressive VJ D.O.T.S, who provided a super light show for all to enjoy. This, combined with the unadulterated techno ensured the gathering was off to a blinding start…

tRiBe first-timers, up and coming duo Implant, smashed the opening slot and were a fresh addition to the bill. Renowned resident, DRR boss and North-West techno heavyweight, Tom Page followed… as always, he delivered the goods. Page’s set explored a more ambient and groovy sound to what we may usually see at the wild gatherings.

His set quickly developed into the hard-hitting and driving sounds that we are used to hearing from the techno master. His track selection was unparalleled, with each additional track keeping the momentum flowing, whilst always adding substance to the set. Unarguably providing the perfect platform for Rachmad’s magic to commence.

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Steve Rachmad, who was playing back to back with his alias, STERAC, blew the crowd away right from the off, opening his set with his own track, ‘Relax’, his personal slant on the infamous Frankie Goes to Hollywood hit of the same name. This caught the crowd’s attention, gearing them up for the oncoming aural onslaught.

The track featured synthy basslines, hard hitting kicks, rolling drum percussion, hi-hats and the famous vocals from the original track, this was the perfect opening for a memorable set. Three hours of uncompromised techno, with Rachmad seamlessly dipping into the sounds of both aliases and somehow managing to maintain the incredible vibe.

Long intense breakdowns followed by stomping kicks and groovy basslines, all heard at their purest thanks to the incredible sound-system that hangar 34 boasts. Rachmad dropping Regal‘Repeat’ illustrated perfectly the power of the system, with that classic sounding bigger than ever.

tRiBe should be proud of how far they have come in the last two years and their 2nd Birthday was the perfect celebration of their success. Other promoters in the city may sign large names, but you can guarantee it won’t have the atmosphere and vibe that tRiBe manage to deliver time after time.

Relax, Don’t do it…

The tRiBe crew will be manning The Fortress at this year’s Beatherder Festival, with James Ruskin and Ben Sims amongst the artists they’ll be bringing to the decks. Grab tickets for Beatherder, here.

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