Secret Weapons Vol.16 – ONYVA

On It Recordings’ label head, ONYVA, hits us with the latest instalment in our Secret Weapons playlist series, featuring a barrage of his ten most devastating disco missiles. The Waveform Transmitter‘s Ste Knight presents ten tracks from the Manchester house music maestro. 

Manchester has always been an exciting city for music, be that hosting it or producing some mighty talented underground artists. On It Recordings are no exception to this rule, as they have been making some neat little waves from their North West epicentre. The imprint is headed by ONYVA, who clearly knows his onions. His releases, remixes, mixes, and the artists he signs to his label are all testament to this. One only need listen to his latest Pioneer DJ mix to garner an understanding of what makes the producer tick. Big, booming house music. That is what!

Further evidence of ONYVA‘s dexterity behind the mixing desk came on the March 21st’s On It release, as the label manager was tasked with remixing Jay Kurmis‘Es Est’, appearing alongside Mark HolmesMihalis Safras, and Toni Varga on the EP. His rework ploughs dancefloor energy into the original, with tribal percussion rhythms and an abundance of echoing lazer zaps that are guaranteed to send any crowd into overdrive. Not forgetting the momentous, glitched-out breakdown which makes for a blistering sonic attack. It is a true skill of the remixer to somehow reduce the elements in a track while still injecting emotion and euphoria into it. I’d say ONYVA has got that well and truly covered.

Speaking of sonic warfare, ONYVA has been kind enough to let us take a sneaky peek at his impressive arsenal of Secret Weapons, which will send shockwaves through your subs and torpedoes right through your tweeters. Get on it, below.

Jay KurmisEs Est (ONYVA Remix)

I really enjoyed doing this remix. I wanted to do a more stripped back arrangement with big drums and groove. I used the original bass from Jay‘s wicked original and layered it all up! Its packs a punch.

Mory KanteYeke Yeke (Hardfloor Remix)

One of my favourite ever house vocals. A true classic that still works today and will always be one of the best ever house tracks. Was really happy to hear Carl Cox drop this at Space closing at about 12 pm. It went off!

AudionMouth to Mouth

I love how warped this track is. Blows your head off.


What a sample! Also, it’s just so off the wall it really is a cracker of a track. In fact, this track inspired my own production, “Drop this like a Boulder”.

ONYVATibetan People

My favourite track I have ever produced. It goes off every-time!

PergonThe Deliverer

An unearthed true acid-techno classic. I would still drop this now with the right crowd, the way it builds was way ahead of its time. An acid banger!

Green Velvet & Harvard BassLazer Beams

That lazer sample on a loud system blows up! Love it!

ONYVAOur Unity

I sampled one of my favourite 90’s progressive tracks. The ethnic sample is so euphoric, and I brought it into 2017 with a tech groove and arrangement.

Laurent GarnierCrispy Bacon

This brings back memories of Garnier playing Bugged Out! at Sankeys in the 90s. When he dropped this, and I heard it for the first time, my head fell off. Classic Techno!

SlamHarem (Gary Beck remix)

This track has serious drive. Always makes a dancefloor move once they are in the groove.

So, there we have it! A storming selection of killer tracks from ONYVA. Anyone who includes Timebase‘s terrifying hardcore headfuck ‘Fireball’ is doing it right in The Waveform Transmitters book. Secret Weapons will be back for another instalment next week. We’ll leave you to tend to your disco-wounds, for now…


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