Mix: Waveform 029 – Frazier

Frazier follows up his fantastic EP, Rhythm of Spirit, with a contribution to our Waveform Mix Series. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight talks to the Scottish producer about transcending geographical boundaries, connections to Underground Resistance, and Paisley techno.

Frazier follows up his fantastic EP, Rhythm of Spirits, with a contribution to our Waveform Mix Series. The Waveform Transmitter‘s Ste Knight talks to the Scottish producer about transcending geographical boundaries, connections to Underground Resistance, and Paisley techno.

Scotland has long been a staunch provider of high quality techno. With the likes of SlamSilicone Soul and many more hailing from Alba, it comes as no surprise that Motech newcomer, Frazier, is sending shockwaves up and down the country that threaten to level Hadrian’s Wall.

Frazier‘s debut EP on MotechRhythm of Spirits is one that shows a great deal of promise for the young producer. His compositions are confident and assured, qualities that immediately make his work stand out amongst his peers. Not only that, but the tracks are backed by remixes from DJ 3000 and Mark Flash. His other productions up to this point have been supported by some very well-respected artists, too, with Carl CoxPan-Pot and Hans Bouffmyhre all picking up his tracks for their respective labels.

No content with producing music, Frazier also runs his own label, Elementra, which he launched last year, as well as his own club night in Glasgow, iNCEPT, and a residency for Sleaze. Busy boy then, but he seems to be doing everything right in order to establish himself on the underground scene.

Frazier has been kind enough to provide us with a full on #propertechno mix, which features a range of belter tracks for our Waveform Mix Series. Get this on loud and warm yourself up for whatever you have planned this weekend. First, though, we had a little chat with the man himself. Here’s what he had to say.

Waveform: Hi Frazier, thank you for taking time to talk to us.  For those who aren’t familiar with you and your sound, tell us a bit about yourself.

Frazier: Hi there guys, it’s a pleasure. Thanks for your interest. I’m a techno DJ/producer from the outskirts of Glasgow. I started writing music 4 years ago when I was around 19 and recently went full time 6 months ago.

Waveform: You recently saw your latest release, ‘Rhythm of Spirits EP’, represented on Motech Records.  How did this partnership come about, especially given your geographical differences?

Frazier: I had always been familiar with the label and came across DJ 3000‘s music a lot!  Around last summertime he had been playing my track ‘Dub Dance’ and charted it in his top 10 tracks. I got in touch with him via his management, we got chatting away and started planning out an EP release from there. The most interesting part was he knew about the underground scene in Glasgow and had played at The Club in Paisley, which I thought was incredible!

Waveform: Can you tell us a bit about how you approached your productions on the record?  What was the inspiration for the tracks?

Frazier: First of all, I started working on ‘Rhythm of Spirits’. I wanted to make a stripped-down techno track, with raw percussion, fast groovy chords and some vocal snippets. I always build from the kick & drum work then start adding in music.  I had an exact sound in my mind.  I loaded up the chord sample and started playing with patterns on my Arturia keyboard.  All tracks were, of course, Detroit inspired.  In my vinyl collection the pieces I always cherish are all the M-Plant releases. Robert Hood himself and his notorious Floorplan sound majorly inspire me!

Waveform: How did it feel knowing your music would be receiving the remix treatment from Mark Flash and DJ 3000?

Frazier: This kind of lit the candle for me, it made the release extra special!  To have two artists with the Underground Resistance connection on remix duty was deeply inspiring!

Waveform: Your style is unmistakably grounded in a Detroit sound.  Do you draw a lot of inspiration from the Motor City when you produce, or do you look to artists a little closer to home, such as your fellow countrymen, Slam?

Frazier: I like to take all my inspiration and present it under the one vision.  My production has always come from the roots of raw noises and something I always add.  For this release, in particular, I dug for Detroit influence especially in ‘Chord Runner’.

Waveform: What was the thinking behind your awesome Mix (readers; you can listen to the mix, below)?  Do you tackle recorded mixes in a different manner to your live DJ performances?

Frazier: I always like to add a live structure onto my production.  I loaded all my channels in session view on Ableton and started to get a jam going.  Once I was happy with the core elements, I recorded and group them accordingly.  I would say for my DJ sets it has less of a live sound, although I’m looking at various techniques to offer more of a hybrid set.

Waveform: Have you any further releases in the pipeline that you want to tell our readers about?

Frazier: I have a 4 track EP on Second State in May/June.  This is a core label I’ve been working with a lot recently and Pan-Pot have offered me great guidance as a young artist.

Waveform: What about any live dates you have planned?

Frazier: I have some new dates added in Germany and UK, I have just played a big festival in my home country at Easter weekend, my Asia Tour is starting at the end of April and various dates in Ibiza over the summer.

Waveform: Thanks again for chatting to us, Frazier.  Best of luck with all your future releases!

Frazier: Thanks a lot for taking your time to interview me, all the best!

So, know you know what Frazier is all about, let’s cement opinions with his awesome Waveform Mix (tracklist below stream).

  1. Mendy – ‘Elevation’ (Planet Rhythm)
  2. G-man & Francesco Bonora – ‘Syrinx’ (thirtyonetwenty)
  3. SHDW & Obscure Shape – ‘Gefallene Engel’ (Rekids)
  4. Spencer Parker – ‘Riff Shapes’ (Work Them Records)
  5. Frazier & Rudosa – ‘Rotate’ (Intec Digital)
  6. Nikola Gala – ‘Iris’ (Dirty Sessions)
  7. Frazier – ‘Rhythm Of Spirits’ (Motech Records)
  8. M.I.T.A – ‘Raw Chest’ (Unreleased)
  9. Secluded – ‘Functional (Rolando Remix)’ (Secluded Records)
  10. Secluded – ‘Functional’ (Secluded Records)
  11. Blue Hour – ‘Falling Lines (Pangaea Remix)’ (Blue Hour)
  12. Complex Rhythm (Frazier Dance Edit) (Unreleased)
  13. Under Black Helmet – ‘Misbehaviour’ (MORD)
  14. Toms Due – ‘Magma’ (Ertruia Beat)
  15. Frazier – ‘Chord Runner (Detroit Mix)’ (Motech Records)

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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