Review: Kincaid – Marlow’s Trail

Kincaid is here with his first release of 2018, Marlow’s Trail, which is out now via Sol Selectas Records. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight gets to grips with a triple header of the Bristol-based producer’s thought-provoking tribal electronica.

You may remember we featured Kincaid last year, but a few weeks after our launch, both with his interpretation of Melancholia on Third Son‘s release of the same name (as part of Rob Draper‘s Heavy Rotators playlist release) and with a rather lovely Waveform Mix. Now he is back on our hallowed pages with another wonderful solo effort; Marlow’s Trail, which was released yesterday on Sol Selectas. The imprint is headed by Sabo, who Kincaid has collaborated with previously.

The first track, from which the EP title is taken, has a particularly tribal aura about it. A stentorian, shamanic vocal chant charms wisps of thick, violet smoke up from bubbling cauldron of JuJu, as ritualistic drums carry us through a dense, humid jungle. Just like Marlow in Konrad‘s Heart of DarknessKincaid leads us “ the edge of the forest, to the bush, towards the gleam of fires, the throb of drums, the drone of weird incantations…”

Next up is TFLLFT, which opens with a hypnotic open hat, which reflects the skittering sound of a train on its tracks. Distant chatter permeates through the miasma created by Kincaid, as he takes us into a dream world, based perhaps on his own memories or dreams. The track features samples that would make sense applied to the context of travelling at speed. Maybe we are on a train, screeches sounding in the distance of a tunnel as a piano further echoes the notion of being transported somewhere. Whether that is intended literally or figuratively is up to you to decide.

The final track to spin into position is The RattleThe composition seems to return us to the darkened jungle of the original, hacking away at unspoilt, lush surroundings, as huge raindrops mingle with the beads of sweat forming on the listener’s neck. Exotic sitar samples punctuate a tribal call to arms. The listener may well have stumbled upon some sort of ancient burial site, for the darkness that the track begins with fades to euphoria, as a shaft of light casts brightness on the most valuable treasure of them all and the subject rejoices in the presence of riches.

Kincaid has created a fantastic rendering of dark and light, within the production of these three tracks. Such a strong start to the year is incredibly promising for the young producer. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. You can buy the record, now. In the meantime, take a listen, below.


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