Review: Drew Miller – Melodia Assombrada (Gibbon Records) // Exclusive Premiere

Drew Miller is back on Gibbon Records with another stunning EP, Melodia Assombrada. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight presents a premier of the ethereal title track.

Drew Miller, it would seem, is intent on putting his stamp firmly on the atmospheric techno oeuvre; a notion wholly apparent from his latest release on Gibbon RecordsMelodia Assombrada. The overall package is a rollercoaster of emotion, as the brooding depths of the title track give way to the playful acid whimsy of Lanty Slee. Both are backed by remixes; the former is given the treatment by German techno authority, Torsten Kanzler, with the narrative of the latter embellished by prog-house producer, Silinder.

The title track – also the track we premiere for you today – is an exercise in the sublime. Miller opens proceedings with a deep, echoing, toad-like croak, which sets the dark mood of Melodia Assombrada up perfectly; a build that Drew manipulates deftly, easing distorted computer blips and sonic sludge into the mix as though they were the friendliest of bedfellows. Ethereal pads complement the swirling miasma of sound as the tension builds toward the percussive break. Away we are swept.

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What follows is a fantastical journey and, for those who experience synesthesia, an intrepid trip filled with unknown flora and fauna, releasing clouds of neon spores that fill the air around the listener, settling to the ground as the other elements drop out of the track, plunging us into a rich, purple dark. This, before the synthwave-esque melody lights the track up, presenting us with an unfolding world, never previously encountered.

Miller‘s production on the track is preeminent. His ability to create imagery within his tracks – visual imagery for the mind’s eye – is to be commended. This is atmospheric electronica at its best. The release is available as a Beatport exclusive (pre-order here), as of May 7th. Full release follows on May 21st. Keep ’em peeled.

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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