Sunday Service Mix 003 – Oliver Way

Time for mass, beat-worshippers. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight is proud to present the latest in our Sunday Service mix series, repping the sound of Motor City, with Oliver Way of Detroit Grand Pubahs, in the pulpit.

Many of our readers will know Oliver Way as being one half of the influential duo, Detroit Grand Pubahs and co-founder of the EPM Music imprint. Way has spent 25 years honing his art so it will come as very welcome news that he has been busy in the studio, composing an awe-inspiring debut album, From the Shadows, which was released on April 30th.

The album sees Oliver taking the influences procured over the past quarter of a century, and making plain exactly why he is such a pivotal figure on the underground scene. Throughout, we can see all manner of styles represented, from the ghetto tech sound that made Pubahs‘ Sandwiches such a success, through to the electro and techno that radiates from the underground scene.

I wanted this album to cover the different styles of electronic music that I have been into over the last 25 years taking in dub/reggae, breakbeats, electro, ghetto tech, house, and of course techno. Using the Pubahs ethos of an album being an opportunity to experiment and take the listener on a bit of a journey, in this case a musical timeline of my life.”

Way has been DJing since 1991, which then led to his productions seeing the light of day on Urban Substance Records back in 1998. The twenty years that followed have included the formation of the production duo that Oliver makes up half of, with Paris the Black FUDetroit Grand Pubahs, alongside a host of collaborations with artists such as Claude Young and, more recently, the Space DJz‘ Ben Long.

The collaborative ventures continue on Oliver‘s new album, with Freddy FreshGareth Whitehead of Bulletdodge, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, Paris the Black FU makes an appearance, joining Whitehead on the heavy techno roller, Davies Gene. Oliver even explores joining forces with his father, Robert Way, who plays bass on Stained Glass Windows. A special mention must be given to Thorpe Road, which takes Wayne Smith‘s Sleng Teng riddim and gives it the Way treatment. Classic stuff.

I have been lucky enough to collaborate with other producers I have worked with for a long time. Helping me achieve this timeline are people like DJ Nasty aka Detroit’s Filthiest on a Ghetto Tech track, who else could be better than one of the kings of this sound! Freddy Fresh aka the ‘Modulator’ who is an authority on early electro and breaks, Ben Long one of the best Techno producers out there; and of course, alongside BulletDodge Records owner Gareth Whitehead, my first solo album wouldn’t be complete without collaborating with Detroit Grand Pubahs cohort and founder, Paris the Black FU.”

The album is an excellent chronicle of the myriad influences that have formed Way‘s sound as we know it today. An accomplished record that is totally filler-free, which undoubtedly makes the 25-year wait more than worth it. Oliver Way‘s  From the Shadows is available to buy, now. You can grab your copy, here.

We have been lucky enough to have Oliver make a contribution to our Sunday Service Mix Series. As with his album, Way gives us an insight into the range of styles that have shaped his sound, delivering a diverse mix that makes an ideal accompaniment to any Sunday afternoon. Get out in the sun and get this on loud.

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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