Review: Jensen Interceptor & The Hacker – Trigger Zone EP

The Hacker & Jensen Interceptor lock horns for their latest International Chrome Records release, ‘Trigger Zone’. The Waveform Transmitter’s Léa Ben Saïd gets to grips with three electro cuts. 

Everywhere I have been looking recently, the name Jensen Interceptor comes back. In less than a year, he has been on my radar on his own, with future classic electro releases on Central Processing Unit and Zone, or in collaboration with artists such as Assembler Code who he frequently works with, leaning more towards bassy and techno outputs on Cultivated Electronics, Boysnoise Records and Private Persons alike. He has been so prolific recently that he even managed to put together a mix of mostly unreleased but upcoming tracks for a special show on Rinse France that you can listen to here.

Jensen Interceptor manages to reinvent himself at every record although his production is very focused and precise, and this new collaboration with The Hacker confirms he is a true chameleon. Not unlike Jensen Interceptor, but for years on end, The Hacker has been incredibly prolific, releasing an impressive number of records and remixes throughout the years.

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With Trigger Zone, the pair delivers a 3-track EP that will turn heads on more than one dance floor. Heavily influenced by Drexciya and Kraftwerk soundscaping, they present three tracks made to make you dance, with catchy but dark and robotic funky basslines. Human Method is a masterpiece in powerful electro, made of an hypnotic and repetitive array of programmed drums perfect for peak-time dance floors.

The second track, Industrial Drive, is the perfect follow-up as it was also clearly built for those late-night dances. Definitely robotic and more industrial than the previous track, The Hacker and Jensen Interceptor present a carefully executed production with precise sound design. Finally, the title track Trigger Zone rounds up this EP perfectly. Once more, very much anchored in electro and EBM, the track offers a lighter finish, easing us back in reality, which only makes us want to listen to the EP all over again. You can take a listen to Trigger Zone, below.

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