Making Waves #1: GiGi FM

The first instalment of our Making Waves mix series comes all the way from France (via London), courtesy of rising star, GiGi FM. The Waveform Transmitter’s Léa Ben-Saïd presents.

For the very first episode of our Making Waves mix series, which will be focusing on putting forward up and coming artists, we have French-born, London-based intergalactic mermaid GiGi FM doing us the honours, and I could not be happier. Giulia is an artist who has been making a name for herself on the techno scene in London, thanks to her passion for the music she has been dancing to for years, and her knowledge and ability behind the decks. I can only advise you to keep a close eye on her as she is on her way to changing the game for good.

Before we take a listen to Giulia‘s inaugural Making Waves, we spoke to her to find out exactly what makes GiGi FM tick.

Waveform: How did you prepare for and record this mix ?

GiGi FM: I prepared this mix with the view to exploring my favourite ambiences, textures and hard kicks that are emblematic of my musical world. I always like to keep the skill-sets and styles that I use varied and even though I definitely like to be fun and cheeky with my selections when DJing, with this mix, I wanted to keep things a bit more sincere.

Waveform: Did you have a specific idea in mind when you recorded it ?

GiGi FM: I was picturing visions of traversing through a galactic aqua wormhole.

Waveform: Your DJ sets are so varied, and you often feel free to play anything from hip hop and stumping techno to vocal house. Who have been your major influences ?

GiGi FM: Yeah I love to mix and match genres of music, I just love to dance, to shake it off – I just want people to dig it and dance their ass off. I am a 90s kid, so I was listened to anything from the likes of Bjork to Suzanne Ciani and Britney, as well as DJ EZ, Bjarki and Donato Dozzy. The integration of my pop influences in to the more techno side of my music happens really quite naturally – it’s something I do because it makes me wanna dance.

Waveform: What records can we often find in your bag ?

GiGi FM: Gat Decor – Passion (Of Your Passion)…Banger ♥

Waveform: You have a residency on the London-based radio Netil Radio. Does your approach to your radio show differ from your DJ sets ?

GiGi FM: Yes and no. With radio I usually plan my sets tune by tune- I really put effort into curating a story, a feeling, it really depends on the guests that I’ve invited for the show. But yeah, I’m genuinely up for banging it out at all times.

Waveform: Have you been working towards a specific kind of sound when you play, both when you play out and when you play on the radio show, or do you mainly improvise with tracks and records you enjoy ?

GiGi FM: I always go for cosmic groovy techno- as an intergalactic mermaid I love taking people on a journey through the dystopian aquatic spacecraft world I have in my mind. Playful, but with a deep underlining.

Waveform: Thanks to all this, you are really starting to make a name for yourself as a DJ, especially in London. Do you also produce ? What kind of music is it ? What’s your creative process behind music-making ?

GiGi FM: I started making music before i started DJing. Initially I am a dancer and started making music so I can produce my own music for my performances. I’ve always wanted to be self sufficient but couldn’t find the sounds I wanted to express the soul of my body through.

Like my mixes, I create worlds and atmospheres in my mind and it is also the way i create music and movements. My music making varies from techno, acid, dub techno, ambient to just weird stuff in general. Music and dance are the way for me to express the depth of my mind.

Waveform: Are there any artists you think we should keep an eye on ?

GiGi FM: Cabasa, a friend and amazing producer from Belgium who I work with at Rye Wax in Peckham. He makes amazing electronic, breakbeat techno stuff with amazing sounds and deep atmospherics.

Seven Hills Records, a record label founded in Sheffield, but making moves down in London too. Repressing goldies from the 90s and new bangers. Defo watch their space!

OK Williams, my electro queen and hard working buddy. She works as NTS Radio where she produces shows like Andrew Weatherall‘s, Eclair Fifi‘s… Soon coming to south London to support some big name. Follow her on Instagram.

AKnight, two amazing talented dudes who love to make high energy improvised hardware techno. Drum rollers, brain blowers…

Xena, who was banned from listening to music as a child, and is making moves with DIY rap hooks and ethereal Kashmiri song. A self-professed newcomer in ‘every possible way’, Xena is on a mission to keep us watching for when she may or may not drop her elusive first single on her so far eerily silent online platforms.

Waveform: Do you have anything exciting planned ?

GiGi FM: YES! I have a live project I have been working very hard on, that reunites live dancing and live music, but I cannot say anything else about it just to follow me on Instagram and Facebook and to keep an eye on the future posts and events !

You will be able to catch GiGi FM playing at Tower Festival next weekend, and do not forget to tune in every month for her Netil Residency. Check out the rest of our mixes, here.

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