Mix: Waveform 035 – Nils Ohrmann

On the back of his latest release over at the venerable Arms & Legs Records imprint, Playin’ For People, Nils Ohrmann takes us down a sun-drenched house route with his contribution to the Waveform Mix series. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight presents.

For the thirty-fifth edition of our Waveform Mix Series, we are delighted to welcome Nils Ohrmann to our fold. Nils is the co-founder of one of Berlin’s premier underground house labels, Arms & Legs, which is home to Daniel Steinberg (with whom he launched the label, and who happens to be one of our favourite producers) and Kristin Velvet, who is rapidly rising through the ranks with her retro-flecked take on the house music sound.

This mix comes following the release of Nils‘ latest single, Playin’ For People. Just the title of the record embodies what house music is all about; a musical style that is for everyone, and this ethos runs through the Arms & Legs back-catalogue. They release music designed to make us all dance, and that it undoubtedly does – I challenge any one  of you to pop one of their records on and not start jiggling around uncontrollably before breaking out into some sort of spasmodic, power-move frenzy, whether you are seated or not.

Anyway, semi-confessional dancing descriptions aside, what we have here is a wonderfully summery two-side record. On the A, we have the original mix of Playin’ For People, as you might expect. A short vocal sample is followed up by some bulging kicks, which ushers in a cavernous, oscillating bassline that has touches of acid about it. This makes complete sense once the piano break rolls in, which is just pure Chicago. The keys dance around playfully over the other elements of the track, but they certainly take centre stage in the mix. This is definitely something you’d hear in a set from the likes of Louie Vega et al, sunshine house with limitless feelgood factor.

The dub mix, on the flip, eschews the twinkle-toed jazz key riffing in favour of something a little more stabby, in the piano sense. This is a sunset track if ever there was one, and is primed to work people up to a banging house set as the stars replace the solar rays. Excellent work from Nils!

Our Waveform mix this week comes sans the tracklist. We really want the music to do the talking here, so get it on loud and let us see your best shapes, dancers. If you would like to grab a copy of Playin’ For People, then you can do so here. We suggest having a nose through the back catalogue while you’re there – you’ll find some real gems, we guarantee.

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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