Mix: Waveform Live 006 – Ascorbite

Fresh off the back of his debut album release, Ascorbite provides us with a blistering techno live set to get your heart racing this Valentine’s Day. The Waveform Transmitter‘s Ste Knight presents a techno lover’s darkest fantasies in sonic form.

You’ll remember that, a couple of weeks ago, we reviewed Ascorbite‘s scintillating debut album, Macrocosmic Framework. You can take a look at the review, here, but to summarise, it is one devilish bastard of a record, steeped in murky darkness and demonic lore.

It comes as no surprise, then, that Ascorbite‘s contribution to our Waveform Live series follows a similarly ebullient oeuvre; with the producer offering an insight into what his live sets are all about. Basically, hard and fast, which is sure to get any techno fanatic’s juices flowing.

We took a little time out with Edgar to have a little chat with him about the new album, his mix, and his most romantic techno tracks. Dig in…

Waveform: Hey Edgar – thank you for joining us and for your excellent hardware set! For our readers who are less familiar with your output, can you tell them a little about yourself to start with?

Ascorbite:  Hi! Thanks for inviting me, glad to hear you like it! Sure thing, I am a techno producer, label owner and live act/DJ, releasing music on my vinyl imprint Corseque Records, run by myself and my lovely wife Emma. Corseque Records was launched back in 2015 and, so far, we have managed to put out 8 vinyl releases and 5 digital ones, with a lot more to be presented shortly. We specialize in techno on the harder spectrum of the scale.

Ascorbite (Credit: Emelie Sjunnesson)

Waveform: So, as regards your contribution to our Waveform Live series, can you talk us through the gear you used?

Ascorbite: The setup is made up of one modular rig for all synth sounds, one Elektron Analog Rytm for all drums, a little Boss CS-3 compressor, Soundcraft EFX 12 mixer and an Arturia Beatstep pro which neatly syncs everything together.  This gear is also what I use for producing, together with Propellerheads Reason, where I record and mix everything.

Waveform: And what was your approach in terms of the layout and overall feel of the set? It certainly has plenty of energy!

Ascorbite: As with this one, I always want to make my sets a bit eclectic, really groovy and hard. When working on them before recording day I simply do what I feel like in the moment without thinking too much about styles and such, but the hard edge is always present. This is actually my favourite recording so far as it reflects on what I feel like doing right now. 

Waveform: You recently released your debut album, Macrocosmic Framework, on your own Corseque Records. Can you talk us through some of the inspiration for that?

Ascorbite: Last year I was really on a roll production wise for a few months and spat out track after track with no intention but to make a few demos out of it. As all tracks were made during the same intense period of time, they were naturally fitting together and in the end it was a no-brainer to put together an album. The overall aura comes from within I guess, as with every track I make. This project came out as a dark industrial freak. Although I don’t consider myself to be much of an industrial techno producer these days. I just do what feels good haha.

Waveform: In terms of inspiration in general, are there any standout tracks or artists that sparked your creativity back when it all began?

Ascorbite: That depends a bit. Music began early, but techno way later. In terms of techno I went from a house music career and started all over for a lot of confusing reasons. For example: for a few years I played hardcore techno DJ sets, but was only producing and releasing house, which became super boring and I knew techno was calling me. Back then I was so inspired by people I know and who was on the Malmö scene (ya’ll know who you are) and what I was playing in my sets. The biggest inspiration though, which became the ignition, was updating my studio setup after selling my old TB-303. It was a fresh start and I wanted to make techno, goddamn it! So I got a XOX Box, a distortion pedal, new soundcard, updated from Reason 2.5 to 8.0 and thus my first vinyl Subarctic EP was born.

Waveform: As it is Valentines Day, we’re going to play a little game for our last question. Give us your best techno tracks for the following:

  • Serenading a sweet love.
  • Seducing said sweet love.
  • Sexytime.
  • Playing during wedding vows.
  • A non-amicable divorce.


Ascorbite: Haha, this should be good. There are a LOT of tracks for these occasions, but I’ll give it a go!

  1. Serenading: Evigt Mörker – Högre
  2. Seducing: Evigt Mörker – Högre
  3. Sexytime: Definitely Evigt Mörker – Högre
  4. Wedding vows: Also a big yes to Evigt Mörker – Högre
  5. Non-amicable divorce: Evigt Mörker – Högre, while simultaneously wanking and crying in the shower. Probably sitting down.

Waveform: Thanks again for your wonderful music and best of luck with all of your future endeavours.

Ascorbite:  Right back at you guys, thanks a bunch for the kind words and again for the invite!

Looks like Evigt Mörker has a lot to answer for! So, back to the music. All that is left to do for some real Valentine’s day magic is grab your partner/dildo/fleshlight and make the beast with two backs while Ascorbite’s Waveform Live set soundtracks. Seriously, though, this is fucking brilliant. You can thank us later…

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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