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It’s been a while since our editor pulled together his favourite releases of the past seven(ish) days. The latest edition of Editor Selects sees The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight getting excited about La Fleur, Chris Camplin, Fear-E, and Principleasure.

Isn’t it nice when you get time to sit down and listen to some music. Like, really listen to it, enjoying the interplay between each sound as it ebbs and flows throughout the mix. Admittedly, it is some time since we had the opportunity to do this with a range of music, but we thought it was about time we started the Editor Selects column back up seeing as 2019 has got off to a flyer, musically.

This week we will be cherry-picking three standout singles or EPs, and also selecting our most-played album, all of which have been released over the past seven days. There’s no particular order for the singles and EPs, and the album must be our favourite because, well, we are only choosing one, so you could say that is our album of the week! This edition covers releases from March 8th – March 15th. Enjoy!


La Fleur Aphelion

March 15th saw the Power Plant head honcho, La Fleur, dropping somewhat of a magnum opus with the release of her Aphelion EP. The double-header has been two years in the making – a real labour of love to which the producer applied no timeframe for completion – and it shows. The production is polished as it flits between the progressive brooder that is Hunting Grounds, on the ‘A’, and the percussion heavy title track on the flip. Look out for the delectable melodies at the end of Aphelion. Those who caught her Cercle set last year may recognise the a-side. Sublime.

Chris Camplin Move Your Ass

London’s Tusk-master, Chris Camplin debuts on Hottwerk Records with a four-track EP; Move Your Ass. The package contains four killer electro cuts that would be perfectly at home on any sweat-drenched dancefloor. The title track is quite the snarling bear, and is given the rework treatment courtesy of Spatial Awareness, who ramps up the percussion and bassline to the max. As you might expect, Brown Acid offers a sludgy low-end to get the bowels rumbling, and Clouds delivers a melodic slow jam to end the trip. If this is the strength of Camplin‘s debut record, and believe us when we say it is an excellent EP, then we are majorly hyped to see what his future releases hold.

Fear-E Posh End Sponk Trax Vol. 1

Fear-E returns to Dixon Avenue Basement Jams with a blistering four-track EP loaded with club readiness. The opener, Jump on the House Train, is straight up Chicago fire, while A New Day notches the BPM up a touch for a primetime techno affair. Skuddy Deflektor takes us down a darker route thanks to its incessantly funky, frantic buzzsaw synth, and the remarkable Green Eyed Monster will undoubtedly have been sending ravers straight through the roof when played out by the DABJ posse. An absolutely brilliant record that delivers on every front.


Principleasure I

Principleasure certainly lines up to the nomenclature with his debut album, I, released last Friday on the imprint that also bears his artist name. The entire album has been recorded and tracked in analog, and live to boot. The result is an overall production that is rich in sound and texture, and by far one of the most impressive electronica LPs we’ve heard in quite some time.

From the cavernous booms of the bottom end in Hexagonal Dab, through to the stirring techno vibes of Axiom, via the mysterious electro synth of Handtwerk, I is an album that keeps on giving. There is always going to be producers who compose an album simply as a vehicle upon which they can carry three or four singles, the rest being filler. Not so with Principleasure, who has brought together a collection of tracks that work well as a cohesive whole just as much as they do as standalone tracks, thanks to the sonic themes that run throughout the album.

I is an album that we will definitely be returning to again and again. Principleasure has picked up perfectly on the tropes of dystopia and apocalypse in his work, while letting chinks of light shine through every so often, creating an emotional ride that genuinely deserves your time and unwavering attention.

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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