Waveform 042: Barbuto

The latest edition in our Waveform Mix series comes from Texas-based techno titan, Barbuto, to celebrate his forthcoming Mavic Music label launch and the imprint’s associated debut release. The Waveform Transmitter‘s Ste Knight presents.

Originally from Sydney, Australia, techno DJ and producer Christian Barbuto trekked halfway across the globe to find his spiritual home. He landed squarely in the middle of Austin, Texas, where he settled, and quickly rose through the ranks on the city’s rave scene, playing parties around the state capital and forging a name for himself; both locally and beyond. His debut landed in 2012 – A.M Only EP – and he hasn’t looked back since.

April 19th saw Barbuto teaming up with Mittens for a four-track EP on OFF Recordings. Their Freak EP featured two original tracks – Freak and Beartrap – and each was treated to a remix from techno heavyweights Black Asteroid, who re-interprets the title track, and Solaxid, who stamps Beartrap with some added growl.

The EP was a gritty excursion into techno’s hypnotic side, with the two producers joining forces to cataclysmic effect. The title track lends itself nicely to peak time in a club environment, reaching a Herculean climax that would shake the foundations of any warehouse. Black Asteroid delivers a remix with a more toned down, darker edge.

The flip features Bear Trap, which is a mesmerising affair; panic inducing siren tones and synth swells delivering another dose of lets-go-bananas fodder. The Solaxid remix gives the original a dose of the lysergic, rendering it with a psychedelic quality the type of which induces closed-eye visuals on the dancefloor (or open eye on the sofa – thanks synesthesia!).

This month, Barbuto launches his brand new imprint, Mavic Music, with a debut release that sets the bar high for anyone who follows on the label. We have a gloaming opener that features some impressive acid riffing on the bassline front, as Barbuto and Mittens join forces once again for The Pillars of Heaven. Fuck me, if anything is going to herald the second coming, it is the rapture contained within this track, which cracks out into some lovely breakbeat toward the end for a build that drops us into swathes of acidic precipitation.

The majority of the tracks contained on the album are all produced by artists who are either Australian by birth, or are who are currently residing in the country. Barbuto himself features on several of them, either solo, or in collaboration with another artist, such as on the incessantly funky Polar Vortex, recorded with Tasmanian producer, Allan Pillai.

The album is an excellent testament to the techno that comes out of Australia. The artists who have contributed to the compilation have all done so with equal vigour, resulting in a body of works that excites throughout. This is a great record if you like your techno punchy and with plenty of gas in the tank; we heartily recommend grabbing a copy, which you can do, here, from May 24th.

If you are based around Paddington, NSW, or will be heading there on May 25th, head to Goodbar to catch the launch party for the Mavic Music label and album. Tickets are available on Resident Advisor, here.

We’re delighted to welcome Barbuto to our Waveform Mix Series, for the 42nd in a series that has seen some serious talent, with Christian enriching the pool furthermore. This mix reminded me of Slam’s Fabric09, or the techno mixes Valentino Kanzyani put out as his Rock the Discotheque series, so perfect for getting those disco legs moving, even when you’re sat down. Have at it, then!

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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