Review: Laurent Garnier and Chambray – Feelin’ Good

As Laurent Garnier and Chambray team up to deliver their latest outing on Radio Slaves’ Rekids imprint, The Waveform Transmitter‘s Simon Huxtable waxes lyrical about the new release from the two producers.

When I was a regular record shop goer, digging for treasure with dusty knees and a pissed-off girlfriend, the feelings of joy at finding that little nugget of love in 12 inch form was like finding a tenner to a crackhead.

Nothing, not even carnal relations with my one and only came close to the ecstasy of tracking down a stone cold anthem; something none of your vinyl craving mates had. It’s a feeling I’ve not had for a while, so imagine my reaction to seeing a new Rekids that I actually wanted to play! As I’ve said before, Radio Slave‘s label has always been one of those that rarely excites me, but when it does, boy, watch out!

Laurent Garnier

Laurent Garnier’s music is something else. Cinematic, you could say, which is apt as he’s recently produced a soundtrack for French film Paris Est A Nous. This, his first single release in 2 years, sounds like he’s never been away. Joining him is Berlin-based Chambray. Hardly a slouch himself, he’s released on Figure, Unknown To The Unknown and Jimmy Edgar’s Ultramajic.

In original form it’s a glorious Detroit-esque summer anthem, complete with ethnic cries, stabs, and that quintessential piano lead. If you are left feeling anything but good, you need to have a word with yourself.


On remix duties, Rekids‘ label head honcho turns in two startlingly diverse mixes. The first is a sparse, dare I say, standard Radio Slave version. Dank and dystopian it’s perfect fodder for those late nights in sweaty rave dens full of chemically-induced patrons. Almost in complete anathema of the tracks title, the main motifs are teased throughout culminating in a wall of tension-laden sound.

The ‘revenge mix’, however, is a lesson in percussive breaks power. Ravey yet understated, it’s got that unique Special Request kinda vibe that you rarely hear these days, but that gets an acid ted like me properly hot under the collar, reveling in repeat. Expect to hear this one all summer long, it’s what sunshine was invented for!

You can grab your copy here as of July 19th. In the meantime, get a load of the EP at the top of the page.


1: Laurent Garnier And Chambray – Feelin’ Good
2: Laurent Garnier And Chambray – Feelin’ Good (Radio Slave Remix)
3: Laurent Garnier And Chambray – Feelin’ Good (Radio Slave Revenge Mix)

Author: simon huxtable

Jack of all trades, Simon likes long walks on the beach, strong alcoholic drinks and dancing all night long. Most of all, he enjoys writing in the third person and Progressive House. Sometimes at the same time.

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