Waveform 057: Philippa

Credit: Giovanni Dominice

The 57th mix in our main series is compiled by none other than At Peace head girl, Philippa, who joins us on the back of her recent Sleep All Day EP. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight presents.

September 6th saw New-Zealand-via-Berlin producer and DJ, Philippa – label head over at At Peace records – stepping up with a perfect twin pack to end the summer on a high (for our European readers, at least). Sleep All Day is a three-track EP that flirts with multiple genres across both productions. Fans of warm, terrace-ready house will lap this release up – the second to see light of day on her imprint.

The package opens with Dragonfly, and we immediately hear the skittering percussion made famous by the likes of the Miles Davis Quintet and The Crusaders. The jazzy, organic-sounding drums featured in the track are the perfect accompaniment to the lilting piano refrain, which evokes hazy summer evenings and swallows sweeping across fields, the sun laying a blanket of orange across the landscape. Perfectly chilled house.

Nile Rodgers-style guitar licks are the order of the day for the title track, which follows. Disco-fied vocals ebb and flow into the mix, and are joined by a ringing synth sound that heralds an injection of energy into the track. At times a little on the moody side, this is a track that would be perfectly placed for playing as dusk falls upon the party and inhibitions start to give way to smiles, dancing, and moments of ‘eyes closed’ bliss. A radio edit of Sleep All Day closes the trio off.

With lush vibes like this emanating from the At Peace stable, we are excited to see what the label comes up with next. You can grab yourself a copy of the EP, here.

You are no doubt already enjoying Philippa‘s stupendously grin-inducing Waveform Mix, so why not take some time to see what our producer had to say for herself, when she spoke to Ste Knight. Tracklist at the bottom of the page.

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Waveform: Hi Philippa! Thank you for joining us for a chat. This is an exciting time for you – you’ve just released your new EP, Sleep All Day​​, on your own At Peace ​imprint. It seems to be doing well -​featuring on Traxsource’s deep house chart! Congrats!

Philippa: Thank you.

W: So, let’s start with the ‘bread and butter’ of all interview questions – what made you start out on the DJ path?

P: I’ve always been a music obsessive – my mother is a music teacher, so I was brought up playing the piano, singing in choirs etc… I wasn’t intending on following any sort of musical career path, however, until the moment I fell deeply in love with deep house in the late nineties – whilst on the dancefloor, on New Years Eve. That night was a massive game changer, and I knew it at the time. I brought my first records on the 2nd or 3rd of January 1997.

W: And your label, At Peace. Talk us through that – how did you decide it was time to create your own stable for artists? Does the name reflect the ethos?

P: The label is a natural reflection of needing to get music out into the world – rather than sitting on it obsessively. And the label name At Peace refers to having come to a place within myself where I was at peace with my life choices and the imperfection of the creative journey.

I guess it’s also a wish for the world – I want people to feel peace.

W: Your sound is primarily house, and on Sleep All Day ​​we can hear a number of different genres in there. Can you talk us through some of your influences, both musical and otherwise?

P: House has always been number one in my books – but I also listen to and play techno, more on the synth driven side of things from artists such as John Tejada, Audion, Mike Dehnert. And I love the crossover between American house and techno – Mr. G is a long-time love.

Influence wise I listen to a lot of different music.  A current Spotify playlist includes Sister Sledge, Diana Ross, Kornél Kovács​, Theo Parrish, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Claude Debussy, Khaidi Tatham​ and Folamour… 

W: What deciding factors made you jump ship from New Zealand to the other side of the world; Berlin? What was it about Berlin that drew you to the city? Have you noticed any parallels between NZ and your new home?

P: There aren’t many parallels to be drawn between Berlin and Auckland.  When I left in 2013 the house scene in New Zealand was seemingly imploding – and clubs were focussed on the more commercial sounds of brostep, electro and EDM. Apparently, house is growing there again, which I’m super happy to hear; but I’m not sure if it’ll ever reach its halcyon days of the early 2000s – I used to tour constantly, playing 15 clubs up and down the country. Once upon a time house was massive in New Zealand.

So that probably answers your question – I moved to Berlin to be part of this giant European electronic music community. I moved strictly for music. Berlin’s a beauty of a city – I’m grateful to live here, and I’ve learnt a lot… but I miss home for sure, and I miss the ocean.

W: You have put together a fantastic Waveform mix for us. Can you tell us a little about your track selection and how you decided what was going in there?

P: Glad you like the mix 🙂

DJ mixes are a tricky business. There are two ways to approach it – plan it out and practise, thereby creating a perfect mix which invariably lacks life and expression. OR gather your tracks, hit record and start playing. That’s what I did with this one.

It’s a party vibe, once it gets going, with giant tracks from Ian Pooley, Demuir, Afriqua. And it ends with a demo of a new track of mine which still needs work – “House is a Feelin’”.  I had written it in the days before doing the mix for you guys, and was curious as to how it would sound, so played it…

W: OK – everyone has to suffer this question…what are your top three all-time dancefloor bombs?

P: Moodymann Shades of Jae (KDJ)

The Magi C’Mon Clap Your Hands (Guidance Recordings)

Sneak You Can’t Hide From Your Bud (Classic)

These three are in my current record bag – but ask again in a few months and I’ll give you a different answer.

W: What has Philippa got in the pipeline in the near future? Anything exciting planned in terms of releases and gigs?

P: I’m super psyched on the next At Peace release, which is going to present new tracks from an as yet unreleased Kiwi talent, Zayn Kemp. There’s also a vibing remix of a track of mine from British house hero Andy Riley of Inland Knights fame…things are growing, and it’s a nice thing to be able to say the next release is not just about me.  It’ll be coming out early December.

W: Thanks again Philippa. Best of luck with all of your future ventures!

P: No worries – and thank you 🙂

Keep your ears locked into The Waveform Transmitter for more exclusive mixes, artist playlists, and reviews. Huge props to Philippa for a killer mix. Get on thew tracklist, below.

1. Daniel Leseman “Ease The Pain” original mix on PURO
2. Daniel Leseman “Keep On Moving” on OUTPLAY
3. Kaidi Tatham “Don’t Cry Now” on FIRST WORD
4. Joe Corti “The First Time” on BETTER LISTEN
5. Delano Smith “Moon Dance” on BODY’N DEEP
6. Saturday Born “We Like Getting Down” on NO FUSS
7. Joey Youngman Bobby D’Ambrosio “So Thankful” (Joey Youngman mix) on GUESTHOUSE
8. Birdee “Start The Weekend” on RELOVED
9. Demuir “Rawness Beat 3” on HOT CREATIONS
10. Seamus Haji – Changes (Seamus Haji Dub Re-Work) on SOUL LOVE
11. Afriqua “Jumpteent” on R&S
12. Claude Monnet “The Cries Of The Seagull” on AZZUR
13. Ian Pooley, Perry Colo “Together, Alright!” (ft Perry Colo) on POOLED
14. Alan Dixon “Bless Me Today” on GLITTERBOX
15. Philippa “House is a Feelin” unreleased

Author: Ste Knight

Editor at The Waveform Transmitter. Lover of acid basslines, cavernous kick drums, and dark rooms. Cut his teeth to Surgeon's blistering techno assault at T-Funkshun in Liverpool and hasn't stopped for breath since.

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