Daily News

A daily newspaper is a periodical publication that contains articles about current events and news. It can also contain information about sports, celebrities, and other entertainment. It can also include editorial positions on political candidates or ballot measure issues. Some daily newspapers even feature editorial cartoons and reader contests.

The New York Daily News is an American tabloid newspaper founded in 1919 in Brooklyn, New York City by Joseph Medill Patterson. The paper was the first tabloid newspaper in the United States and reached its peak circulation of 2.4 million copies per day in 1947. The paper has a brassy, pictorial style and focuses on scandalous and titillating stories. It has been a leader in the use of photography; it was an early user of the Associated Press wirephoto service and employed a large staff of photographers.

By the 1930s, the Daily News had established itself as one of the most popular papers in the country, and its large format helped it to stand out from its rivals. The paper emphasized political wrongdoing (such as the Teapot Dome Scandal) and social intrigue (such as the romance between Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII that led to his abdication).

In 1988, the Daily News began publishing color photographs on its front page, a move that was a game-changer. It gave the newspaper a significant boost in sales, and by 1993, the Daily News had returned to profitability. Its new owner, Mort Zuckerman, made several other big changes to the paper in an attempt to revitalize its earning potential. He invested $60 million in color presses and repositioned the Daily News as a “serious tabloid.”

During the 1990s, the newspaper earned a reputation for championing the rights of people who were perceived to be without voice (such as immigrants, the poor and the disenfranchised). The paper won Pulitzer Prizes for commentary in 1996 and 1998 from E.R. Shipp and Mike McAlary, respectively. The paper also developed a reputation for fighting on behalf of the First Amendment and protecting free speech.

The newspaper has an extensive online presence and offers a variety of print and digital subscriptions. The website features intense city news coverage, celebrity gossip, classified ads, comics, a sports section, and an opinion section. The paper is renowned for its live coverage of the Yankees, Mets, Giants and Jets, as well as politics and celebrity scuttlebutt. The Daily News is owned by Tronc, an American media company. Tronc is the largest publisher of community and local newspapers in the United States. The Daily News is the only major daily newspaper that is based in New York City. As such, it has a unique perspective on the region. This allows the newspaper to provide unparalleled coverage of New York City events and news. It also has a strong and loyal following.