Secret Weapons 19: Spiritchaser

On the back of their recent ‘I Remain’ release, Spiritchaser offer up an impressive arsenal of live dancefloor ammunition, so don the bulletproof vests, squadron, as it is time for The Waveform Transmitter’s Secret Weapons. Continue reading “Secret Weapons 19: Spiritchaser”

Secret Weapons 18: De Fantastiske To

De Fantastiske To have just released their latest EP, Saharaball, and, to celebrate, they have granted us entry into their underground munitions factory to see what top Secret Weapons they’re preparing for a dancefloor assault. Continue reading “Secret Weapons 18: De Fantastiske To”

Secret Weapons 017 – DOKTA

Following on from the release of his May album, DOKTA runs through his arsenal inventory, selecting ten of his most powerful explosives for the latest edition of Secret Weapons. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight presents. Continue reading “Secret Weapons 017 – DOKTA”