Business News

Business news is the type of news that covers a variety of topics related to economic activity, including financial earnings, stocks and bonds. Business news is commonly found in newspapers and magazines, online and on radio and television. Business news articles provide information on businesses and the economy to help readers make informed decisions about their investments.

Businesses are a large part of the global economy and are responsible for producing goods, services and employment. They are also often involved in charitable activities and promoting social change. Because of the wide range of topics they cover, business news can affect people from all walks of life. The Wall Street Journal is one of the most popular sources for business news. Its articles are written by journalists with extensive experience covering the world’s economy and financial markets.

A number of websites offer business news, ranging from major global outlets to local and regional publications. CNNMoney offers a variety of business news and features, including market updates, stock quotes and commentary, personal finance advice and small business coverage. Forbes is another popular business news website that provides reports on economic trends, leadership, technology and entrepreneurship. Google Finance also has a wealth of business news and analysis, with sections on the stock market, personal finance and company news.

In addition to the major business news sites, there are also many specialty outlets that focus on specific industries. These include trade publications that cater to a particular sector, such as insurance or automotive, and may offer news about industry-specific events and issues. Some of these sites require a subscription, while others offer free access to select articles or a limited amount of stories per month before a pay wall kicks in.

The term business refers to the structured efforts of individuals or companies to generate profit through the exchange of products and services. The pursuit of profit is what defines a business, though some businesses do not seek profits and instead invest their income in achieving goals or improving infrastructure. These non-profit entities are known as not-for-profits and usually have a regulated structure to limit their influence and control.

While the scope of business news is vast, most general newspaper and magazine articles will contain some type of business news. More in-depth coverage can be found in dedicated business news sites and in trade publications that focus on specific sectors of the economy. These resources can be located by searching the Library of Congress catalog and using search strategies that target local or regional news coverage. If you have additional questions about business news, feel free to ask a librarian. They can assist you with finding specific print and microform business news sources in the Reading Room. You can also contact a librarian by email through Ask-A-Librarian. This service is available from anywhere in the world, and librarians are happy to answer your questions about finding and interpreting business news.