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business news

A business is any entity that seeks profit from the exchange of goods or services. This may be accomplished through for-profit enterprises or not-for-profit organizations that invest any profits back into achieving their stated goals or improving infrastructure. Businesses can also be publicly or privately owned, and can range in size from single individuals with side hustles to massive companies that are listed on the stock market.

A specialized area of journalism, business news is written to inform and educate the reader about a specific industry or niche. Often times, these publications include the financial aspects of a company, such as stock prices and investor information. Other times, these publications focus on the company itself and the company’s leadership or management. The most famous example of business news is the Wall Street Journal, but there are many other publications that feature this type of content.

Business news can be found online and in print. Some examples of business news websites include CNNMoney, Forbes and the FT. In addition to these online publications, there are a number of television channels that provide news about business and finance, including CNBC, Fox News and Bloomberg.

For print sources, the Library of Congress has a collection of international and U.S. newspapers, which can be accessed at the Business Reference Desk. The Library of Congress Business Research Guide provides a list of sources for locating local, regional and national newspapers that cover business news. The guide also includes tips for searching the Library Catalog to find regional business news coverage.

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