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Business news is a type of journalism that tracks, records and interprets the commercial, economic and financial changes taking place in societies. It is a specific subset of the wider genre of journalism, and includes newspapers, magazines, radio and television programs, and online-based publications dedicated to covering business topics. This category of news is often considered to be the more serious and prestigious side of journalism, as it focuses on the impact business decisions have on people and the economy, and is generally less sensational than other types of news.

The origins of business news can be traced back to the 1700’s when authors like Daniel Defoe and Edward Jones began publishing business information and reports. However, the modern concept of business news really began to take shape in the late 1800’s when investors started to heavily invest in stocks and bonds. As a result, many business-based journals and magazines were founded at this time. The most famous of these is perhaps The Wall Street Journal, which remains a highly respected and widely read newspaper to this day.

As a digital media company, we focus on creating content that is informative, entertaining and accessible to small business owners. We are committed to providing an array of useful information that will help our audience make more informed choices in the areas of business management, finance, marketing and growth. In addition, we offer advice on the best ways to use and leverage technology in order to improve productivity and achieve greater success.

Our staff of editors and writers are passionate about delivering the latest and most relevant information to our readers. They have a wealth of knowledge in their respective fields, and are dedicated to finding innovative and interesting ways to deliver the stories that matter most to small business owners. As editors, they also ensure that the writing is clear and concise, and that the content meets the highest editorial standards.

Katelyn Andrews is the content marketing specialist at Business News Daily, where she researches and uncovers relevant and timely information for small business owners across a wide range of industries. Her background in marketing and a strong connection to the small business community have enabled her to write compelling content that helps business owners grow their operations. She has extensive experience in a range of content marketing and SEO writing, as well as a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of California, Berkeley.

Adam Uzialko is the editor at Business News Daily, where he oversees all editorial content. He has more than a decade of journalistic and content marketing experience, most recently working on a number of consumer-tech and business publications. He has a passion for helping people find the right solutions for their challenges, which he brings to his work at Business News Daily.

Amanda Larkins manages growth marketing initiatives for Business News Daily, leveraging her background in customer success to support revenue goals. She works closely with each team within Centerfield to identify opportunities that align with business goals and user needs. Before joining the company, she held roles at Monster and TechTarget.