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A quick perusal of the web will reveal an endless supply of gimmicks and half-baked solutions. The most notable is the plethora of dodgy websites and spammy e-mails. It’s a sorry state of affairs. Fortunately, the department of commerce aims to correct the situation by providing a litany of useful tools and resources to help businesses of all sizes. From the simple to the complex, the department of commerce can help you navigate the minefield of online business. Whether you need a hand with a slick spreadsheet or a thorough review of your web presence, you’ll find what you need. In addition to providing a range of services, the department of commerce also maintains an online directory of reputable companies. You can use this directory to find the best and cheapest e-mail archiving services, e-commerce and telemarketing services, and much more. The department of commerce also helps your local chamber of commerce, which in turn will connect you with the right people in the right organizations. If you’re looking for a business expo, a business seminar, or even a business consultation, the department of commerce is your savior.