LexisNexis Online Resources for Students and Attorneys

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The legal industry is changing, but there are still some dominant players that have not yet been surpassed. One of these companies is LexisNexis, which offers a wide range of research tools to help students and attorneys. These include 430+ publications, a suite of intellectual property solutions, and an updated query builder.

There are also specialized research databases, such as the Intellectual Property database, which contains materials and case briefs related to the activities of the Departments of Commerce, Treasury, and State. Another is the Health Care Law & Regulation database, which includes a variety of health care and regulatory news, as well as practice tools and agency materials.

Additionally, the Social Issues Database provides users with information on legal issues from a variety of perspectives. It features full text magazines and academic journals, statistics, case information from the U.S. District and Bankruptcy courts, and continuously updated viewpoint articles.

In addition to these specialized research databases, there are numerous general law resources that are available to students at South Carolina Law. For instance, EBSCOhost offers thousands of peer-reviewed full-text business periodicals, as well as federal coverage of competition law, financial accounting, and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Other resources include the Criminal Law Practice Center, which offers insights into criminal law and other aspects of criminal justice. This resource also offers a citation formatter, audio pronunciation files, and a legal analysis tool.

The ABA/Bloomberg Law Lawyer’s Manual on Professional Conduct is a resource that contains current reports and ethics rules. Information on local business publications is also included. Also, the Corporate Law Practice Center provides articles on company and agency practices, e-books, and other pertinent materials.

Another specialized resource is the Tax Report. This database provides a comprehensive look at tax legislation, regulations, and policy. A section is also dedicated to corporate security, consumer privacy, and employee privacy.

Another database, the Health Care Law & Regulation database, provides an assortment of journals and treatises on a wide variety of medical topics. It also contains a wide variety of materials, including corporate governance, regulations, and news.

Finally, the M&A news database provides a comprehensive view of state M&A news. It includes full access to National Law Journal and New York Law Journal news, as well as decisional law, environment, and tax.

Moreover, the Social Issues Database is a good resource for those studying social and political issues. It offers continuously updated viewpoint articles, news articles, case information, statistics, and more.

To learn more about all of these resources, visit the University of South Carolina School of Law library’s website. If you have any questions, contact the Reference Office at extension 7160.

Whether you are a student or a faculty member, the School of Law’s library is a great place to conduct legal research. It is open during the day, and faculty members are on hand to help you find the legal resources you need. As part of its mission to help students gain practical skills, the Law Library encourages them to use the resources offered to them.