New Trends in Law

law new

The legal industry is constantly changing. For some, this is a good thing but it can also be overwhelming. A new trend has emerged that may provide some relief from this challenge. It is called law new, and it refers to ways for lawyers to provide services in different formats. For example, it could mean utilizing outside staffers who are not on the partner track, employing alternative fee structures or even using technology to deliver legal help. The purpose of law new is to be innovative and offer clients the help they need in a way that is unique and not constrained by the traditional practice of law.

Local Laws

The City Council and the Mayor pass laws that become part of New York City law (also known as “bills”). You can find and view the current laws on this page, which allows you to search for specific laws, or view all the laws passed by a given year. You can also change what year you are searching for on the fly and access other law-related data, including vetoed bills and some proposals that did not pass into law during a given legislative session.

To create a law, a bill must be introduced in one of the chambers of Congress – the House of Representatives or the Senate – by a member who sponsors it. The bill then goes through a process of research, discussion, change and vote in both chambers before becoming a law.