The Daily News

The Daily News is a morning tabloid newspaper in New York City, once the largest paper with the highest circulation in the United States. It was founded in 1919 by Joseph Medill Patterson, the publisher of the Chicago Tribune. Its first name was the Illustrated Daily News, but it soon changed to the Daily News and became the first successful tabloid newspaper in America. It attracted readers with sensational coverage of crime and scandal, lurid photographs and cartoons, and other entertainment features.

In 1975, the News rolled out its most famous headline, which gave President Gerald Ford the middle finger via the Statue of Liberty’s hand: “FORD TO CITY: DROP DEAD!” By the early 21st century the News was no longer able to sustain a circulation lead over its even more sensational rival tabloid, the New York Post, but it continued as one of the city’s top-selling newspapers.

During its long and eventful history, the News has been at times the most important source of news in New York City and at other times its most polarizing. The News has often sparked heated debates on social and political issues, and its editorial page has been one of the most influential in the nation. The News has won several Pulitzer Prizes, including one in 1996 for E. R. Shipp’s pieces on the city’s racial and welfare issues, and another in 1998 for Mike McAlary’s report of police brutality against Haitian immigrant Abner Louima.

The News’ website features a variety of current affairs and feature stories, along with a comprehensive list of resources on the city. It has a large archive of photographs, and provides information about the city’s government and landmarks. In addition, it includes a searchable archive of historical documents and maps that provide insight into the city’s past.

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Each of the News articles contains comprehension and critical thinking questions, found in the “Questions” section below each article. In addition, students will find background and other related information on each topic under the “Resources” section.

Each day, the News publishes summaries of business and technology news from around the world. The Daily News also provides a daily market report that describes the key economic news of the day, including key indicators on GDP, the jobless rate, and other data. This report appears daily, except on Sundays and national holidays. This service is free of charge.