What is a Daily News?

A daily news is a newspaper that is published every day. It is usually filled with stories about current events. It also includes opinion pieces. There are many different types of daily newspapers. Some are national while others are local. A national newspaper will generally cover events that affect the entire country. This type of paper is usually read by a larger audience than a local one.

In its 20th century heyday, The Daily News was a brawny metro tabloid that thrived on crime and corruption. Its building, an official city and national landmark designed by John Mead Howells and Raymond Hood, served as the model for The Daily Planet in the Superman movies.

Today, the New York Daily News is owned by Tribune Publishing, which announced Wednesday that the newspaper will close its physical newsroom at 4 New York Plaza in Lower Manhattan. The company will continue to operate local offices in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. And it will still publish its radio affiliates, including WPIX-TV in NYC (which was once housed at the newspaper’s 42nd Street headquarters and whose call letters were inspired by its nickname).

While the number of Americans getting their news online has grown over the past decade, TV remains the most popular source for overall news and is the most preferred time to get it among all age groups. For those ages 18 to 24, the internet is the second most popular source of news.

News aggregators are sites that offer users an aggregated list of stories from a variety of sources. These sites often have a search function that allows readers to find articles on specific topics. They may also include a variety of other features such as breaking news, video clips and social media updates. These aggregators do not typically have staff writers.

Some newspapers have their own websites where they publish current and archived news stories. Some of these websites are free while others require a subscription to view their content. These subscriptions are generally paid through advertising revenue. Depending on the size of the newspaper, these subscriptions can range from a few dollars per month to thousands of dollars per year.

A typical daily news article will begin with a brief paragraph explaining who the writer is. This is called the byline and it should include the writer’s full name and their job title. It should also include how the reader can contact them or how to follow their work.

The Daily News is the nation’s oldest college daily newspaper and has been financially and editorially independent since its founding on January 28, 1878. The News is published Monday through Friday during the academic year in collaboration with Yale’s cultural centers and affiliated student groups. The paper also publishes several special issues each year, including the Yale-Harvard game day issue and the Commencement issue. It is distributed in Yale’s campus community and the greater New Haven area.