What is Law New?

The legal profession is a fast-changing industry. What works one quarter may not work the next. As a result, law firms are always searching for new ways to provide help to clients. Often, this means focusing on the concept of “law new.” The idea behind law new is to provide legal services in innovative and unique ways. These techniques can include focusing on certain kinds of clients, using technology and incorporating different types of fee structures. This type of work can be done by lawyers on their own or by creating separate companies or subsidiaries that offer these services. The term law new is difficult to define, but it typically refers to a field of practice that benefits the client in novel and different ways.

Local Law 13 of 2022

This bill would require City agencies to notify employees and job applicants that they may be eligible for student loan forgiveness programs. The Department of Consumer and Worker Protection would prepare this notice, which City agencies would provide to their employees and job applicants.

The City’s law and rule changes are published in a committee report that describes the purpose and scope of each bill, lists the bills’ sponsors and reasons for their support, and includes an analysis of each section of the bill, including its effect on existing laws and any text being repealed. In order to ensure that this information is accurate, committee staff members must review each bill in detail before preparing the report. A copy of this report is available to the public and can be found at Laws and Rules.