What Is Law New?

law new

Law new refers to the concept of offering legal services in different ways. It’s a fast growing area of practice that all legal firms should pay attention to. When handled correctly, it can open up a whole new way to work and provide help for clients. It’s a very important part of any firm’s business plan and something that all lawyers should think about.

This bill would change the Department of Consumer Affairs name to the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection, add the Office of Labor Standards and the Division of Paid Care as offices within the Department, update references to these offices and other agency nomenclature, and clarify that the Department may seek restitution on behalf of consumers and workers. It also amends provisions relating to data breach notification laws to make them more consistent with State law and requires City agencies that experience a data breach involving persons’ private identifying information to promptly disclose the breach to the Chief Privacy Officer, the Office of Cyber Command and DCWP.

The bill would require certain establishments to display item prices in a clear and conspicuous manner. It would also prohibit third-party food delivery service providers from charging such establishments for telephone orders that do not result in a transaction during the call, and it would extend an existing prohibition on charges for services to change a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. The bill would further establish protections for displaced hotel service employees in the event of a hotel sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy.

This bill would require City agencies to notify employees and job applicants of the availability of student loan forgiveness programs. It would further require the Department of Citywide Administrative Services, in consultation with DCWP, to prepare a notice for City agency employees and job applicants regarding these programs.

The bill would amend the laundry licensing scheme to better regulate laundries as they operate today. It would create a tiered licensing system for retail laundry, industrial laundry and industrial laundry delivery, and it would introduce requirements related to cleanliness and hygiene at these facilities. The bill would also create a system to record violations and other occurrences at each facility and allow the department to issue fines for such occurrences.

This bill would limit the number of new licenses to sell cigarettes and other tobacco products issued in each of the City’s community districts and would impose an additional cap on the number of such licenses available for each community district once the current capacity is reached, or upon the expiration of the existing capacity. The bill would further require certain retailers to submit certain documents in order to apply for a tobacco retailer’s license and to report sales of cigarettes and other tobacco products on a quarterly basis.