New Laws for Lawyers

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution to the complex legal problems faced by clients. New law offers a wide range of solutions and strategies that all lawyers should consider exploring. The concept of law new isn’t always easy to define. However, in its simplest form it refers to any method of providing legal services outside of the traditional practice setting. This can include working with underserved communities, finding innovative ways to deliver legal services or using techniques that have not been used in standard legal practice.

A New Way to Deliver Legal Services

The legal industry will more closely resemble its corporate customers and society at large. This will be reflected in a workforce that is diverse cognitively, demographically, culturally and experientially. It will also be more tech and data-proficient, empathetic and collaborative. It will operate with a purpose-driven mindset and a model based on output rather than input. It will embrace a more integrated platform-based delivery structure from which agile, fluid and on-demand resources with verifiable and material expertise can be sourced.

It will provide transparent, accessible, affordable, efficient, scalable, and data-backed solutions to once “bespoke” legal matters. This new approach will be driven by technology and powered by a secure repository of data and collective experience that can be shared across the enterprise and beyond. It will enable the legal function to better address a wide array of complex and unique business challenges at the speed of business and in alignment with evolving global needs.

An Example of New Law

California’s new law will require companies to list salary ranges for open positions. It’s designed to level the playing field and give job applicants more information about what their potential future employers pay. It’s a response to criticism of the so-called “pink tax” that sees women paid less than men for the same jobs.

A New Way to Recover From a Cyber Attack

Among other things, the bill requires city agencies that have suffered a security breach involving personal identifying information to disclose this fact to affected individuals. It would also align the City’s breach notification laws with those in the State.

A New Law

This law would require an employer to make reasonable efforts to ensure that its employees are aware of the availability of federal and State student loan forgiveness programs, and provide this information to its employees and applicants. This is part of a broad effort to promote financial stability and economic mobility for all New Yorkers.