On the Radar: Hans Berg – Pathfinder EP

Hans Berg techno

Hans Berg releases his latest EP, Pathfinders, in September. The Waveform Transmitter’s Jack Threlfall takes on three cuts of deep, dark techno.

Hans Berg delivers a truly extra terrestrial musical experience with his Pathfinders EP on UFO Station Records.

The EP opens with Phase Shift and Pathfinder, two pensive and moody explorations of atmospheric techno. Both tracks take inspiration from the same musical ideas and act as complementary thematic siblings. Eerily delayed hi hats sashay across the soundscape whilst ambient alien samples chatter and slide.

The tracks adopt mind bending arrangements that are entirely unpredictable and paradoxically meditative. Listeners never seem to be able to guess when or where a sound will come from, and it is this unsettling element that makes these two tracks true ‘lose yourself’ techno.

Inland takes on remixing duties with his interpretation of the title track, Pathfinder. A purposeful kick and bass instantly galvanise the listener and drive the track forward with a bubbling venom.

A dystopian aesthetic washes over the layered elements with deep ambient samples brooding in the background, ultimately informing the rising tension. The arrangement of the track is seamlessly mechanical; the rattle of hi hats regiment themselves with robotic bleeps and whirrs, like the interlocking teeth of rotating machine cogs.

The final track, Beacons, is a discordant experiment in the manipulation of tone. Tightly structured drum patterns ensure a constant rhythm, whilst the main lead synth stabs are expertly modulated over the course of the track. Every inch of tone is explored by the mind of Hans Berg, and his venturing vision should be commended.

You can pre-order Hans Berg‘s Pathfinder EP over at Juno Records, here. The EP will be available for general purchase on September 7th, on vinyl and digital formats.


Author: Jack Threlfall

A loquacious disciple of electronic music and the written word.

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