On the Radar: Neville Watson – I Love Acid 016

Neville Watson Techno

Neville Watson drops his latest 303-drenched EP, in collaboration with London’s I Love Acid. The Waveform Transmitter’s Jack Threlfall enjoys an excursion to Trip City.

Neville Watson takes his listeners on a real trip with his latest EP on Balkan Recordings.

The EP opens with the track De-basement. It is a track that begins with a subtle 303 acid line that seemingly vibrates exponentially towards intensity. The relatively simple drum patterns ensure that all focus is placed firmly on the acid evolution throughout the track, and once the lead is introduced, somewhere around the midpoint of the track, it is undeniably groovy, albeit only fleeting, as it recedes just as quickly as it arrived.

The second track Acid Wipe is dripping with attitude. The lead acid line is a punchy, rolling affair, whilst the percussion is staggered  with a chugging kick drum and a range of jangling hi hats; this is a track that has no other intention than to be enjoyed.

As the EP progresses, the track Trip City takes a more considered approach to the acid voyage.  The acid line is meandering and poised, almost swaggering, whilst the kick drum lazily plods beneath. A heavenly host of glistening pads rise and fall over the central elements, and ultimately bestow a somewhat relaxing atmosphere to the production.

The final acid excursion on the EP is a Mark Forshaw remix of Trip City. Arguably, this track is more worthy of the name Trip City than the original. Forshaw grabs the bones of Watson‘s original track and launches a psychedelic paint can at them.

The interpretation of the original acid line conjures a truly mind altering aesthetic; the arrangement of the track is jam-packed full of elements that are finely crafted and carefully positioned. The engineering of such a busy and alluring soundscape is no easy feat, and here Forshaw evidences a real talent.

This EP is extremely fun and is able to showcase a real range of acid sounds. For a genre that can fall so easily into style traps and stereotypes, Neville Watson‘s EP is very much welcome, as it doesn’t try to be anything other than fun, passionate and unpretentious.



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