On the Radar: Stream ‘Escape’ from Rødhåd’s New Album, Anxious

Rødhåd has announced his new album, Anxious, which is due for release in October on Dystopian. The Waveform Transmitter’s Ste Knight offers a stream of his track ‘Escape, taken from the album.

German-born Berliner, Rødhåd, has announced the release of his new album, Anxious, which is available to buy from October 20th. We’ve been lucky enough to have a sneak peek at the album and we can tell you now it is full of atmospheric techno, brimming with emotion while settling itself on the more brooding side of the techno sound.

Today, the Dystopian imprint has made a track from the album, Escape, available for stream, and you can do so right here, offering an insight into the qualities of the long-player prior to release.

The track starts of with Blade Runner-esque ambience, which fills the listener with a sense of dread, as a menacing, robotic vocal sample is heard in the distance. Screeches and clatters echo around the soundscape as though we are wondering through an abandoned subway, shadowy figures lurking in the darkest corners, before a heavy kick drum bursts into action.

A combination of futuristic and gothic horror envelopes the track like a thick, unbreathable miasma, swirling tendrils of apocalyptic mist sweeping around the feet of the listener as the kick drum continues, punctuated by more screaming synths. This is real darkness.

The heavily textured soundscape drops out at the midpoint, leaving the kick drum as a foundation on which to build further percussion, as more nightmare-like visions and voices enter the fray. A lilting synth adds to the desolation felt from the track, before we are plunged back into the darkness, grasping for a surface upon which to guide ourselves as the track plays out.

Check out Escape for yourself, below.


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