On the Radar: Man Power – Tropical Bastard

man power techno disco

Man Power has released his disco-infused Tropical Bastard EP via Not an Animal Records this month. The Waveform Transmitter’s Andy Weights enjoys some Italo-style twists and turns.

This is a different kind of energy supplier, here we find the Man Power sound is delivered from the imagination powerstation that is Geordie Geoff Kirkwood. Now based in Mexico via Berlin, Man Power is a very eclectic DJ who traverses the line between many different styles, including nu-disco, techno and Italo-twisted disco.

Man Power’s recent 12” release Tachyon, on his own Mememe label garnered an impressive response from listeners and with a number of releases for labels like Correspondent, ESP Institute and Hivern Disks…the man’s been busy! Also, he has been finding the time to produce and present a radio show on Leeds based KMAHRadio, appearing at Glastonbury, Fabric and Burning Man plus picking up the XLR8R artist of 2015!

Tropical bastard 1 is a track straight from the Italo-disco inspired vaults, arpeggiated synth lines rise and fall, strings soar above a snappy drum rhythm, the right number of bleeps and bell sounds combine to create an almost dreamy disco landscape, where your head can wander away from your body, uplifting and daring to be different.

Lord of the Isles remix saunters in with a machine-made hi-hat and kick, synthesized bends and mechanical portamentos weave through the disco feel until drips of synthetic bells rise and fall, smooth long synths enter the fray further adding to the track’s complex sound, creating a maelstrom of effects and feelings

Tropical bastard 2 is a much darker, industrial happening, beginning with laughter and sinister whispers, before a brooding synth that spins like a blender then hangs like a mist appears. As the brave pipes and percussion are introduced the industrial feel begins to permeate the airwaves, the use of delay widens the horizon and as a building, Italio-feel bass gives the song a swagger the pipes and exhausts of the factory imagery drive onwards towards its bright end.

Frank T Butters remix would not be out of place in a film like The Crow. The reimagining continues the dark theme with little gas release hi hats and a macabre synth blasting through, the sinister laughing haunts us throughout and as we are taken further into the intricate patterned world of arpeggiated, Italo-infused, twisted disco we have plenty of time to enjoy the various techniques and synth lines that add a curiosity to the track.

Man Power’s Tropical Bastard is available now from all good retailers. It has been released on 140 gram 12″ vinyl by Not an Animal Records.


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